Donald Trump is a master of manipulation. He continues to rebuke, redirect, and refute in order to shift focus from the Russia probe. Now, re-election is part of his smoke and mirrors act. The President's sons, Donald Jr. and Eric met with the RNC to discuss the 2020 presidential campaign.

The president must be certifiably insane

The president is barely into his first 100 days as Commander In Chief and has had more drama and scandals than any other president in U.S. history. He should be focusing on all the serious issues that currently surround his administration.

The POTUS should be making decisions that affect the American people while he is currently in office.

Donald Trump has no assurance that he will be elected to a second term. If impeached, he will not survive his first term in office. The president is concerned with 2020 when 2017 is not being handled properly. He truly must be certifiably insane.

The Paula White effect on President Trump

Pastor Paula White acknowledged that she has been a spiritual adviser to Donald Trump for 15 years. It is very obvious that she and the POTUS share the same manner of thinking. Pastor White is with a group of preachers who believe that you speak faith and ignore facts. They teach that you to keep saying what you desire no matter how bleak the situation looks.

There is nothing wrong with faith, but a president needs to deal in facts because his decisions affect the entire nation.

When Donald Trump was asked about the AHCA he said that the Democrats should come on board and support him and then added that; "They will". Also regarding Trump Care, the President said; "It will happen." Unfortunately for the POTUS, his positive confession did not materialize.

Manipulation and re-direction insult the American people

The master of manipulation said the wall would be built at the border and the Mexicans would pay for it. Thus far, there is no wall and the Mexican president said his country would not pay for it. Now the POTUS is ignoring the fact that he possibly could be impeached. He ignores questions on these issues and now is redirecting focus using his sons.

Having Donald Jr. and Eric planning for the 2020 campaign just does not make sense. Cleary our commander in chief does not want to be outdone by his predecessor who served for two terms.

The American people need a leader who is able to handle what is in front of him. The nation is becoming divided and the poor, elderly, and disabled are wondering of they will lose benefits and how they will pay for food and medication. The president should get his head out of the clouds. There are three tiers of leadership to the American government. Donald Trump cannot simply wish upon a star and have things his way. Utilizing the name it and claim it ideology in the Oval Office is dangerous for us all.