On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful' Eric and his grandson, Thomas had a heart to heart conversation. Thomas announces he will not come back to the company his grandfather founded. Eric accepts this decision the two men shake hands and part ways. Thomas has chosen to leave the family business and work for "Spectra Fashions" which is the competition.

The dynamic of Thomas and Ridge

Thomas was fired by his father Ridge because he gave $100,000.00 to Sally Spectra. Ridge said his son could remain at "Forrester Creations" if Thomas gave the money back and stopped dating Sally.

Thomas was already at odds with his father because of a sensitive situation that occurred last year. During a brief period, where Ridge and his wife Caroline were separated Thomas ended up in bed with his stepmother.

When Caroline found out she was pregnant Ridge knew he was not the father because he had a vasectomy. Ridge decided to claim the child as his own and allowed Thomas to believe his own son was his little brother. The truth eventually came out and Caroline moved to New York shortly after. Thomas later followed but eventually returned to LA and "Forrester Creations."

Thomas now has a long distance relationship with his child and a complicated one with his father. He also is dealing with the fact that Eric named his sister Steffy as company CEO then later changed things so that Ridge and Steffy work as co-CEO.

Thomas believes he was passed over and should have had a shot at the top job in the company.

Forrester looses a lead designer

Thomas had been a lead designer at "Forrester Creations" and his fashions were stunning. As the grandson of the founder he believed he would be chosen over Steffy for promotion. Thomas also loves Sally and see's her potential.

He desires to lend his expertise to Spectra and get out from under his father's wing. Forrester's loss is indeed Spectra's gain because Thomas will give his all without competing with his father or sister.

There will be no 6 figure salary or comfy office waiting for Thomas at "Spectra Fashions." He will not enjoy any of the perks he enjoyed while in the family business.

Young Forrester will have to walk the fine line of mixing business with pleasure. And deal with Saul who thinks Thomas is a rich playboy out to take advantage of Sally. Thomas, however, will be up for the challenge.

He will have the knowledge that he did things the right way. He went to his grandfather and explained his decision. Eric was disappointed but the two men shook hands before they parted ways with no animosity between them. For this reason, should Spectra fail Thomas will be all right. As long the Forrester founder is in charge, he probably would take his grandson back into the fold no questions asked. With Thomas at the helm, Spectra can finally go legit. The Spectra Forrester rivalry that "The Bold and the Beautiful" is famous for may finally be put to rest.

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