The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a name for the increased hate crimes and violence that has made its way across America since November, they cal it the "Trump effect" because it all began when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. The hateful campaign rhetoric has resonated with a segment of the population who believe they now have the right to openly show hate for anyone who is different.

The Trump effect is in full force

Within the past week, two men were stabbed to death in Portland, OR because they tried to defend two Muslim women from a racist.

Angry racists are growing bolder. They have increased attacks on people of color, Jews, Muslims, and the LGBTQ community. Increasingly, Americans who are not white Anglo-Saxon Protestant are beginning to fear for their lives. Many believed that when America elected a man of color as president for two terms, the nation had turned a corner. There has been a spike in hate and intolerance since the election of Donald Trump.

The Trump effect is destroying this country. A few weeks ago, African-American congressman All Green received 3 threatening messages because he said the president should be impeached. In those hateful recordings, Green was called the N word and threatened with hanging if he pushed to impeach Donald Trump.

Tensions are mounting on a regular basis

Last Wednesday, reporter Ben Jacobs set in motion a situation that caused Greg Gionforte to slam him to the ground. On Monday, elected officials were fighting and threatening one another on the Texas House floor. Today, a man was at Trump Tower in New York saying that he wanted to be like Timothy McVeigh -- who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric and coded bigotry have brought hate to the surface for many who kept it buried. Now, these mean-spirited racists are erupting like volcanoes, and the damage could be immense.

Tensions are mounting in America on a regular basis. It seems as if everyone is on edge. Even Donald Trump's most ardent supporters should be able to see the timeline of when it all began.

And, rather than address the issue and rebuke those who are causing these problems the president continues to create additional drama. There is only one remedy for the Trump effect and that is to remove The Donald from office. If he is allowed to remain our Commander-in-Chief for the full 4 years of this term, there's no telling what could happen.