Taylor Swift's songs are reportedly coming back to Spotify and other streaming service providers as the songstress celebrate her latest success. The former country singer has achieved a new milestone in her career after the "1989" album sold over 10 million units worldwide according to the recent RIAA's 100 Million Song Certification announcement.

However, the "Shake It Off" singer's surprise comeback has sparked an outrage of mixed reactions from the internet. Moments later, #Katy Perry's name has been dragged in the social media frenzy. Some reports even point out that Taylor has directly dropped a major shade on Katy who is, by that time, moments away from dropping her 5th studio album "Witness."

Knowing Taytay, her actions demands much attention and classy gimmickry which involves either surprise appearances to fans, generous donations to charity or a sneaky ounce of shade she "wanted to bury." Her Spotify comeback has these elements.

Firstly, Swift's management announced that she wanted to thank her fans for making her entire catalog available to all streaming services on the midnight of June 9.

Swift's return to Spotify and Perry's "Witness" have evident similarities particularly in launch time and date. The last minute news from Taylor's camp led fans and critics to speculate that this could be another shady plot development in Taylor-Katy feud.

Moreover, the "Bad Blood" singer's return to streaming services sounded rather doubtful. Back in 2014, she pulled out her entire song catalog from these providers criticizing the effects it did on the entire music industry only to return three years after to celebrate her milestone.

The beef between the two pop princesses has never been confirmed in the past. Katy's name came up after Taylor talked to the Rolling Stone Magazine about another pop star who tried to sabotage an entire arena tour and zeroed out that person as her "straight-up enemies."

The incident was followed by a tweet from Katy saying:

Later on, Calvin Harris, Swift's former beau mentioned the "Roar" singer's name in a Twitter rant directed to the former.

Then Perry responded with this Hillary Clinton GIF:

Meanwhile, in her recent stint at Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, Katy finally confirmed that the feud between her and Taylor is real and this is the best time for her arch nemesis to finish it.

Her latest song "Swish Swish" with Nicki Minaj whom Taylor shared a short-lived Twitter spat with prior to 2015 VMAs is reportedly a diss track about Swift.

Whether you belong to Team Taylor or Team Katy, this hot beef is not leaving the roast pan anytime soon. So who's team are you in?