"Gotham," the prequel superhero series that tells the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman recently ended its third season run and many are wondering if "Gotham" Season 4 will be the high time for the black-caped crusader to make his presence known. Considered to be one of the most notorious characters of all time, fans of Batman have been following the prequel series. While the viewers were expecting the caped crusader transition into Batman in the "Gotham" season 3 finale, it seems like the showrunners have chosen to make the alter ego's presence linger on until season 4.

In the last sequence, Bruce Wayne was seen tackling a mugger who was about to shoot a wealthy couple in front of their daughter. Quite ironic, right?

"Gotham" season 3 finale may not have revealed the full-blown Batman into the scene, but "Gotham" season 4 spoilers reveal that it may just be the start of Bruce Wayne's transition. The last scene made it clear that Bruce Wayne has discovered the path of the Dark Knight.

Is it too soon for Batman?

The possible appearance of Batman in "Gotham" season 4 has been a source of debate among the viewers and fans of the series. While some are excited to see Bruce Wayne's alter-ego have a major superhero makeover, some also believe that it might be too soon for Batman to appear in the series.

Some fans believe that there are still too many loose threads to gather and the past of Bruce Wayne needs to be established clearly for the series to progress. Fans who have been religiously following the Bruce Wayne/Batman story, from the comics to the movies to the series, know all too well how rich and complicated the character's backstory is.

If the showrunners decide to reveal Batman in "Gotham" season 4, it will definitely mark a big milestone jump in the series.

Clues for Batman's arrival in 'Gotham' season 3

According to reports, there were already signs in season 3 that gave some clues of Batman's impending arrival. Bruce Wayne seemed to be discovering his alter-ego in different situations and that was one of the major clues that has been building up to Batman's arrival.

Bruce Wayne's life and death altercation with Jerome was also a pivotal scene in the series as the former vowed to himself that he would never resort to killing anyone. Looking back, the road to vigilante-world was all set up in "Gotham" season 3, and it's only a matter of time before Batman makes his appearance in the upcoming season