After the controversial Manchester Arena Attack, it was remembered that Ariana Grande received some hard-hitting words from British presenter Piers Morgan. The said personality threw out criticism against the Hollywood singer when Grande chose to go home instead of visiting some injured fans.

The host’s protest against the Hollywood star received negative feedbacks as it did not help in the recovery of Ariana and the whole Manchester. Moreover, Morgan is seemingly regretful of his actions as he issued an apology for what he has done.

The Manchester Arena Attack: Ariana Grande vs. Piers Morgan

Regardless of what had happened, Ariana Grande decided to give love for all the people who supported her through “One Love Manchester,” an all-star tribute show that happened last Sunday. The said event filled the Old Trafford Cricket Ground with people who wanted to unite for a sole purpose of showing love to Grande and the victims of the attack. Insiders told that the show was touching that even Piers Morgan was able to discern that he’s wrong with his perception of the Hollywood singer. The Good Morning Britain co-host issued an apology and admitted that he misjudged Grande.

As Morgan tweeted, "I misjudged you, @ArianaGrande & I apologize," following another tweet featuring an image of Ariana hugging a young girl while stating that she is really admirable.

The host then asked for everyone’s respect as he changes his views of Grande and the whole “One Love Manchester” show.

Celebrities all-out support for Grande

Meanwhile, Grande, during the tribute show, performed a great number of sets alongside Hollywood personalities like Miley Cyrus and Black Eyes Peas. She also sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” that brought in so many tears last Sunday.

The said show was supported by famous celebrities including John Legend, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Enrique Iglesias and Niall Horan as they tweeted their all-out support for the event. As per reports, “One Love Manchester” was able to raise more than $3 million, which would go directly to the British Red Cross’ Manchester Emergency Fund.

The story behind One Love Manchester

On the other hand, Grande admitted that all her plans from “One Love Manchester” changed when she met the mother of Olivia Campbell-Hardy, one of the victims during her concert last week. She told that the latter would have wanted to hear the singer’s hit, which eventually led to changing of sets during the event, as Ariana Grande stated, "And then she told me Olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. We had a different show planned, and we had a rehearsal yesterday, and we changed everything."