Picking up where “Shadowhunters" left off three months ago, Valentine is in the custody of the Clave and Downworlder numbers are dwindling. “Mea Maxima Culpa” deals with the fallout of the midseason finale, introduces a few new characters and brings a new threat to the world of the Shadowhunters.

Torture is okay with the Clave

Valentine is one tough nut to crack. Pretty much anyone who has ever interacted with him could tell you that. Unless he’s about to kill you and being a typical villain, revealing his plan in his final moments, Valentine doesn’t let anyone in on his plans.

He especially isn’t going to give his secrets up to the very people he hates, as the Clave has figured out.

As a result, they’ve okayed torturing him to get information out of him. The torturing doesn’t exactly make him want to give out any information, but he’s more than willing to talk to Clary and Jace and muddle their already strained relationship even more. First, they had feelings for one another; then they thought they were siblings, and now, they know they aren’t. It all amuses Valentine way too much considering Clary is his daughter. The whole storyline, even though it’s coming straight out of the books, is more convoluted than it needs to be.

Izzy is in trouble

Izzy is going through serious withdrawal from the vampire venom she’s tried to cut herself off from.

The makeup artist did a fantastic job at making her look sick, first of all, but Emeraude Toubia blows me away any time she has to pull out the desperation of an addict not getting what she wants. Izzy is willing to beg, to bargain, and to threaten to get what she wants, and she’s so great to watch.

Of course, that does get her into a bit of a situation.

When she’s attacked on the street by a demon, it’s another Shadowhunter who comes to her rescue, and she ends up spending some quality time with this new friend, Sebastian, who doesn’t seem like he can be trusted. He shows up out of nowhere with a convenient story and a convenient new substance to replace Izzy’s old one? It’s all a little too convenient.

Book readers will recognize the name, but it’s not clear yet how close the show will stay to its source material when it comes to Izzy’s new friend.

Downworlders are in trouble too

We primarily get to see this through the eyes of Luke’s pack, but it’s evident that Downworlders are in trouble as well. Because of Valentine’s experimentation, their numbers have been dwindling. Luke’s pack, in particular, has lost half of its members, and the ones who are left are not happy with him, prompting several to leave to start their pack and leaving Maya caught in the middle.

The trouble in Luke’s pack might seem like a side plot to bring more drama to the show, but it’s just one example of the troubles facing the Downworlders as a result of what Valentine has been up to.

We’re sure to see a lot more fallout as we’re introduced to Downworlders beyond Rafael and Luke.

‘The Mummy’ reboot exists in the ‘Shadowhunters’ universe

Not a part of the episode itself, but this reveal comes as a result of a promotional effort from Freeform and the upcoming “The Mummy” reboot. In a new commercial for the movie, Alec and Jace find out that London is under attack from a new entity, complete with a distress call from the Institute there. It’s a clever bit of marketing, but a waste if the show doesn’t do something with the London Institute beyond telling use that Simon was there.

The verdict and what’s next

The show brings in the new, and very scary addition of Azazel, who looks to be a fun enemy for the Shadowhunters to go up against, but other than that and Izzy’s journey, most of this episode felt like filler, a bridge between storylines to link up pieces of the show.

It doesn’t grab you the way a premiere should, but it’s relatively solid regarding “Shadowhunters.”

2.5 out of 5 stars

In next week’s “You Are Not Your Own,” the ripple effects of Valentine’s actions continue to play out as the Downworlders get closer to an uprising. The Institute, in response, turns to questionable methods to help keep the status quo.