In the aftermath of the shooting of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise last week, the reaction from liberals and conservatives have been mostly civil, though some on the far end of the political left and right have gone a bit too far with their responses. After George Takei decided to send out a tweet about the incident, he received backlash as a result.

Takei on Scalise

In recent years, the tension among the American people due to politics has reached an uncomfortable level of partisanship. During the eight years that Barack Obama was in office, Democrats and the president faced non-stop criticism from Republicans and those on the right, with some fearing for the former president's life.

Right-wing media and conservative commentators often lashed out at Obama, prompting push back from their liberal counterparts. When the 2016 presidential election kicked into high gear, the candidacy of Donald Trump took that political division to another level, as the left and right were pushed into a more partisan corner. While there have been various examples of violence on the right, it was a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who waited for Republican Members Of Congress to take to the field to practice for the congressional baseball game last week, before unloading dozens of rounds onto the field. Rep. Steve Scalise was stuck by a bullet and is still listed in serious condition as of press time.

Members of Congress appeared to come together, but it didn't stop partisan rhetoric from others, which was on display during a controversial tweet from George Takei on June 17.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday was actor George Takei as he decided to give his thoughts on Steve Scalise.

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"The universe doesn't joke around. The officer who saved bigoted, homophobic Rep. Steve Scalise during baseball practice was a black lesbian," Takei tweeted out.

George Takei's comment came after a more peaceful response following the incident.

"The shooting in Alexandria this AM was a senseless horrific act. My thoughts are with Rep. Scalise, the Capitol Police & all those impacted," he wrote last Wednesday.

Twitter reacts

In response to George Takei's tweet, social media exploded in response. "And yet you're the one who comes off as the ass here," radio host Jason Rantz replied.

"He's fighting for his life right now.

What is wrong with you? Until he's out of ICU, why don't you take it up with the Pope," MSNBC host Joe Scarborough wrote on his Twitter account. CNN host Jake Tapper agreed with Scarborough's remarks, labeling Takei's tweet as "Unfathomable."

"George, let's do more to bring people together, instead of looking for opportunities to drive people apart," Stephen Taylor noted. "No George, she was a competent police officer.

Any categorizing is an insult no matter where it comes from," an additional tweet added. As the reactions came pouring in, it appeared that even someone as well-liked as George Takei could cross the line when it comes to politics.