Brad Pitt wants to halt his movie career so that he can be a better father to his six children following the news that Angelina Jolie is open to the idea of sharing custody with the actor.

It was explained that Brad’s marriage downfall with Angelina was mainly caused by the star’s heavy drinking problem, which subsequently resulted in Jolie filing for divorce back in September.

And while Brad Pitt has since admitted to GQ that he’s on the sober path and sees his therapist several times a month, the divorce is very much still in effect. But it goes without saying that though Angie still wants to go through with the process, she wants Brad Pitt to be an active father in their children’s lives.

Raising Kids Post-Divorce

The kids are what it’s all about for Brad And Angelina, and though they will no longer share a romantic relationship with one another, Hollywood Life explains that the actor is fully committed to being the best version of himself — not just for the kids but also for Jolie.

He’s hurt them with his drinking problem, but now that he’s feeling and looking healthier than ever before, he wants to keep up his sobriety and bettering his ways as a father, and the best way to do so is for Brad Pitt to take a much-needed break from acting to spend quality time with his children.

Once the divorce is finalized and the custody agreements have been reached, Brad Pitt wants to have proven to both his kids and to his soon-to-be ex-wife that he is a changed man and is fully focused on bettering his ways, especially for the sake of the friendship he will share with Angelina.

“The kids are everything to [Brad and Angelina],” an insider gushes, adding that Jolie would also be stepping back from Hollywood to work on being a family with Brad Pitt.

Brangelina Will Move Forward With Parenting

“Brad and Angelina may still have issues with each other, but they are working hard at resolving them, and are both determined to provide a stable and loving home for the children.

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They are parents, number one, and Hollywood stars, number two.”

Sources reveal that Brad Pitt and Angelina are in a much better space than they were a couple of months ago. In fact, the "Salt" actress recently purchased a home in Los Feliz, California that’s just two miles away from her estranged husband’s home, showing clear signs that things are looking up for the duo.

As for the chances of Brad Pitt saving his marriage, it seems that the ship has sailed, but Jolie is just as determined to remain good friends with the father-of-six as he is, and that’s all that Pitt can ask for at this given point.