It looks like another big piece of "General Hospital" news is making its rounds, but this one has now been confirmed. There have been rumors going around that actress Rebecca Budig is leaving the ABC soap. She plays the role of Hayden Barnes and her character is currently pregnant. The news was confirmed by ABC Soaps in Depth on Tuesday and "GH" fans are reacting to it on social media.

Losing Hayden

Budig's storyline seems to have just begun after finally getting back together with Hamilton Finn and just finding out that she is pregnant with his child. It was a surprise for the couple, but they seemed to have embraced the prospect of parenthood.

Hayden had decided to keep the baby and raise it with Finn. She also has a new long-lost sister. Elizabeth Webber is her half-sister and they are getting a little closer as well, especially with Hayden being pregnant.

So, where does this leave Hayden? Will the writers just have her leave town or will she end up dying somehow? That is all up in the air at the moment. In fact, the actress nor the "General Hospital" execs have officially announced that she is exiting. However, Soaps in Depth spilled the beans on Twitter this morning.

Why is Rebecca Budig leaving?

There had been rumors lately that the former "All My Children" star wanted to leave "General Hospital." However, according to the ABC soap magazine, Budig was let go.

There has not been a reason why, but that explanation may come later after the shock wears off. Many "GH" fans are upset about the news and took to social media to express their frustrations. She has become a well-loved character on the daytime drama and her coupling with Michael Easton has been well received. There is no word yet on when her last air date will be, but word is that she has already wrapped up taping her last scenes.

Is Michael Easton leaving, too?

About the same time that the rumors were flying that Rebecca Budig was leaving, there was also talk that her co-star was exiting as well. Will Finn and Hayden leave Port Charles together to raise their baby, or will Hayden decide to break up with her guy and leave by herself? The writers could always kill her off. Maybe she will have major complications from her pregnancy.

With actor James DePaiva arriving this week, and talk that Steve Burton will be returning to his role as Jason Morgan, "General Hospital" may just be doing some major changes. In addition, Roger Howarth just re-signed his contract.

Will you miss having Rebecca Budig on "General Hospital?" Stay tuned to find out more about her impending exit. Also, sound off your thoughts on what you think about having Hayden gone soon.

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