Something is going on with Sam Morgan on "General Hospital" and fans are trying to figure out what it is. Things should be perfect right now for her. She has her husband back, a new baby, her son Danny, and her PI business that she had started on her own. But she has recently been having hallucinations that has her quite rattled. This storyline also has soap fans clamoring to figure out why this usually calm and collected character seems to be going off the deep end.

What is going on with Sam?

While Jason has been running around trying to save his son Jake from the bad guys, his wife has been struggling with these unexplained visions.

They are terrifying and coming fast and furious. Sam has seen Elizabeth Webber pointing a gun at her when in reality she was just handing her some papers. She also has seen her husband with blood dripping down his face as he was chatting with Liz at the hospital.

On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," Sam woke up in the middle of the night to grab a knife from the kitchen and proceeded to place it under her pillow. Why would she do that? Spoilers suggest that she is so afraid of someone being in her house that she will do whatever it takes to protect her family. Is she having hallucinations or premonitions that something is about to happen to Jason?

Is she on the verge of a disaster?

It was disturbing to see Sam grab a knife while Jason was sleeping in the bed, especially when she was standing there for a minute over him.

One may have thought for a minute that she was out to harm her husband. However, "General Hospital" spoilers have suggested that it could be someone else who may end up getting hurt by the hands of Sam Morgan. She has begged Jason not to put himself in danger, but he seems to be heading right into it.

Jason is expected to be headed to warn Sonny Corinthos about the danger that is about to happen.

Will Sam end up following him to the island? Recent spoilers have hinted that Sonny will get shot, and it could very well be Sam who does the dirty deed. She could be trying to protect Jason from Sonny's enemy and shoots the wrong guy. Or it could be that she sees Sonny as the real enemy. Who knows what is going through Sam's mind right now.

A tumor, mental breakdown, or postpartum depression?

Many "General Hospital" rumors and speculations are going around social media on what will be Sam's diagnosis once she gets thoroughly checked out. So far, she has told everyone that the reason she has not been feeling well is because of her lack of sleep due to having two children to care for now. That could lead to postpartum depression, but having these kinds of visions may be kind of extreme.

Other rumors say that she could very well have a brain tumor, just as Franco had when he was busy terrorizing her and Jason a while back. That could explain her weird behavior lately. Will the writers really go there?

Is this a good storyline for Kelly Monaco as she portrays her character of Sam Morgan? What do you think is up with her having these horrible visions? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out what will happen next.