Hey, "General Hospital" fans. It's time to take a look at what your favorite soap opera is going to offer up for the week of June 12 to June 16, 2017. It sounds like we're going to get our fair share of drama this week. Ava is going to see something that totally rattles her to the core! Scotty will be full of worry in regards to his fate. Liz will be busy pulling out all the stops to keep Jack safe and much, much more. As always, we got these spoiler teasers from ABC via the folks over at Soaps.com.

Distraught Scotty

Let's go ahead and jump right into what the Monday, June 12 episode is going to feature.

We're going to see a very distraught Scotty because they say that he will be constantly worrying about his fate. There's going to be a scene that involves Sonny and Laura. In this scene, Sonny is going to confide in Laura. They didn't mention what she tells Laura. So, that's an interesting question for this storyline. Lastly, we're going to see a situation that involves Jordan trying to ask TJ if he'll do a favor for him. Will TJ oblige his request? Or will he tell Jordan to take a hike?

On the edge

In the Tuesday, June 13 episode, they say Sam is going to be on the edge. They didn't elaborate on that so we're left with that very vague description. It does still sound like it could be a very intense situation though.

We'll obviously have to tune in to see what it is. Next, they mentioned that Anna is going to stop by Lulu's at some point. Why is Anna going to Lulu's? That's the big question for that scene. Lastly, we'll see Amy in action. She's going to try to ask someone for a favor. They left out who she will be asking for this favor.

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So, that is the first question that comes to mind for that scenario.

Next up, we've got another three scoops for the Wednesday, June 14 episode. The first thing they mentioned is that Jason is going to get ahead of one of his enemies at some point. That sounds like it'll be a good situation for Jason. How long will he be able to keep it up?

That's the vital question that will likely get answered over the course of a few episodes.

Gain a little perspective

Next, they revealed that Liz is going to go through all kinds of hell in an effort to try and keep Jake safe. Will all her efforts pay off? Or will Jake manage to still find some trouble? Lastly, we're going to see a scene with Nathan in it. They say that he's going to be very busy attempting to gain a little perspective. What will he be trying to gain perspective on? Will he get the perspective he needs? Those are the things we'll be looking for when this scene finally airs.

Thursday's June 15 episode is going to feature a scene with Jason trying to find out what the truth really is.

Elsewhere, we're going to see Lulu and Dante get caught up in a situation that they're clearly not qualified to deal with. Lastly, we'll see Kevin take Laura away to somewhere they didn't reveal. So, that will obviously be what we'll want to find out in regards to that particular situation.

Make a decision

Then to close out the week, they revealed another three teasers for the Friday, June 16 episode. At some point, Ned and Olivia are going to make a decision about something. Elsewhere, Sonny is going to get a visit from Griffin. Lastly, we're going to see the scene that involves Ava getting completely and utterly devastated by something that she sees. It sounds like this will be a scene that could shake up the entire week. Stay tuned.