The "Bachelor in Paradise" probe is NOT over as far as Corinne Olympios is concerned. On Tuesday it was revealed that Warners Bros.' investigation into an alleged sexual assault had concluded with no evidence to support any wrongdoing. According to TMZ, Corinne is having her own investigation be carried out in spite of the production's assessment of the situation that went down between her and DeMario Jackson in Mexico a few weeks ago.

Corinne will have her own investigation

Olympios' attorney, Marty Singer, released his own statement soon after it was announced that "BiP" would resume filming of season 4.

Singer explained that it "comes as no surprise" that Warner Bros. found nothing as a result of "its own internal investigation" and that a more objective probe needs to happen. Corinne's lawyer adds that their own investigation will go on based on "multiple new witnesses" coming forwarding about what they "saw and heard" during the incident that was in question.

Singer note that the scandal against "Bachelor in Paradise" spawned when one of its own producers thought something inappropriate was unfolding on the set. He says since numerous complaints from "BiP" producers and crew members on the set were received, indicating that there's something warranting a closer look. Singer emphasizes that production of the show wasn't shut down because of a complaint filed by his client against anyone.

Will they find anything?

It sounds like Corinne Olympios isn't giving up on this case even though "Bachelor in Paradise" is moving forward. She apparently feels that she has a case here and isn't letting the fact that Warner Bros. found no allegations of misconduct stop her.

Who are the new witnesses coming forward in Corinne's investigation?

Different accounts of what happened during filming has been made public by fellow contestants. The overwhelming majority say Corinne was lucid and "fully engaged" in her actions when she and DeMario got raunchy in the pool. Both had been drinking heavily all day before they had their encounter.

Both Corinne and DeMario want the tapes for their own defense.

DeMario lost his job over the scandal even though he was never found guilty of anything improper. Just being linked to the case damaged his reputation, but he's maintained all along that the video would prove he didn't take advantage of Corinne while she was overly intoxicated. Corinne has indicated who she plans to file a lawsuit against in the "Bachelor in Paradise" investigation.