As "General Hospital" episodes continue this week, intense drama and revelations are expected to happen. Some of the latest spoilers reveal that Carly And Sonny will be working together this time. They will both fight a battle against Ava. On the other hand, Jake has to make an important decision on the Chimera project. Will he be able to activate it through his magic trick? Find out as interesting things happen this week.

Ava will run for her life

Everyone from "General Hospital" was having a great time during the Nurses Ball. However, nobody expected that it would herald bad days after the ball was over.

During the ball, Sonny caught onto what Ava did at the event. Spoilers reveal that she will now run for her life. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly will be working together as they fight against Ava.

It is expected that something scary is about to happen between Ava, Sonny, and Carly. Nevertheless, spoilers further reveal that there will be a certain break that will put an end to their chaos. Despite what happened during the ball, Ava won't get away with what she did. Some spoilers also reveal that some things will also turn out very bad this time. Sonny will finally realize the answers he has been looking for over the death of his son.

Moreover, Sonny will get the chance to share what he knows with Carly as they promised to work together for a while.

He will open up to her and Carly will start to get confused. Carly will be mad and she'll do everything to take down Ava. This week episodes will reveal whether Ava will be taken down or not.

Jake to make an important decision

"General Hospital" spoilers show that Jake will be torn between activating the cChimera project as his family wants it, or will he take a pause and not open it?

Apparently, it looks as if Helena will not allow him to open the canister. But the sad news is that danger is still expected to happen anyway.

Further, there will be a group of armed men who will show up for a mission. Apparently, these men are after of the Chimera project. Without a doubt, they will do everything that they can to get the canister.

This week's episode is expected to show more punches and gunshots among the characters. Definitely, viewers can expect some serious events to happen in "General Hospital."

On the other hand, Michael will get update about everything that will happen in the hospital. In such case, he seems to have hopes that things will be better. Further, he also believes that Sonny and Carly are working back together in order to find their way back to each other.

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