Hey, "General Hospital" fans. It sounds like there's going to be some hardcore drama going down with Nina when she gets shaken to the core and more in this new week of May 29 to June 2, 2017. We must tell you guys that this week won't start until Tuesday, May 30th because for some reason, ABC is not going to air a new episode this Monday. We're being told that they are just going to air an encore of Thursday's May 4, 2017 episode where actress Jane Elliot gave her last performance as character Tracy Quartermaine, so be sure to make note of that. As always, ABC is our official source for these spoiler teasers by way of Soaps.com.

Choosing which side

Once again. No new Monday episode, so we're jumping right into what's going to go down in Tuesday's May 30, 2017 episode. We're going to see Jake in a scene. Apparently, he'll be busy choosing which side he's going to finally take. Which side will he pick? That's the huge question for his storyline. Hopefully, we'll get an answer to that question in this particular episode.

Next, we're going to see Anna in action. She's going to be very busy trying to question Valentin about what his real motives are. How will he answer Anna? Will he even answer her at all? Those are a couple of questions for that storyline. It sounds like it could get pretty dramatic. Elsewhere, they tell us that Dante is going to show back up on the scene, and it sounds like it'll be to someone's benefit as they say his arrival will be just in the nick of time.

That certainly sounds very intriguing.

Different choices

In Wednesday's May 31, 2017 episode, We'll see Sonny contemplating whether or not he should have made different choices. Will he come up with some regrets? Or determine that everything he decided to do was the right thing? Elsewhere, they're telling us that Nina is going to be in action, and it doesn't sound like things will be good for her.

They say that she's going to totally be shaken by something.

They didn't reveal what that something is, so we're just left with this very vague description. We'll have to wait until Wednesday to see what's got Nina so shaken up. Lastly, we're going to see Curtis deciding to go ahead and take the high road. They didn't reveal in reference to what so we'll have to wait around and tune in for that as well.

We've got three more scoops for Thursday's June 1, 2017 episode. In it, we'll see Kiki be in a confused state as they tell us that she's just not going to know what the heck to feel. What will she be confused about? That's the big lingering question for this situation. Next, we'll see a scene that features Michael being quite hopeful about something which they did not reveal. Lastly, we've got Finn in a scene. At this point in time, he's going to be trying to get everything back on track.

Search for answers

And to wrap up the week, we've got the Friday June 2, 2017 scoopers. At some point, Kiki is going to be busy trying to search for some answers to something. Lulu will be in a compromising position which tells us that she's going to get duped.

Then last but definitely not least, Amy will be extremely busy trying to wrestle with some past demons of hers. Will she be able to get that sorted out? We're going to have to tune in to see. Stay tuned.

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