“21 Jump Street” and “The Lego Movie” directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, have now reportedly walked away from the set of LucasFilm’s upcoming “Star Wars” spin-off film in the middle of its production. After having been given the lucrative project to direct the highly-anticipated “Han Solo” spin-off movie, the writing and directing duo were set to inject their tongue-in-cheek humor into the franchise. However, the project was apparently not what they signed up for as they were reportedly not given the freedom to steer the movie into what they had imagined it to be.

Creative differences

The studio’s president and film producer Kathleen Kennedy made the shocking announcement yesterday and mentioned in her statement that they had to let both Lord And Miller go due to “creative differences.” Kennedy mentioned that both were very talented filmmakers and the team they had assembled were all incredible. However, due to the difference in their creative visions for the upcoming “Han Solo” movie, the studio and the directors have decided to part ways.

Various disagreements

According to report close to the production, Miller and Lord didn’t actually walk away but were instead fired in the middle of production. The sources had revealed that there was a culture clash from day one of the production with Kennedy and the two directors not really seeing Eye To Eye when it came to their ideas for the movie.

Both the directors were reportedly very disappointed that they weren’t given the freedom to run their own show as Kennedy apparently held a very tight grip on the direction of the film. Kennedy along with “Star Wars” veteran Larry Kasdan and their team were reportedly not accustomed to how the pair were planning to run the production.

They apparently didn’t agree with how the director’s had shot the different scenes and how they “interacted” with the cast and crew.

The other side of the coin

In a recently released statement, Miller and Lord explained that their vision and process for the upcoming movie were just not aligned with their partners for the particular project.

They wanted something quite different from what the studio had planned. The directors then proceeded to mention that they don’t usually like to use the term “creative differences,” but in this case, the term is definitely applicable.

Kennedy has promised fans that they will be announcing the upcoming “Han Solo” movie’s new director very soon. The most likely candidate as of the moment is “A Beautiful Mind” director, Ron Howard. The movie is still scheduled to be released on its previously announced premiere on May 25, 2018.