Vernee Watson-Johnson has been acting for over 40 years. Her credits include dating J.J. on "Good Times" and portraying Vernajean on "Welcome Back Kotter." She was Birdie on "The Young and the Restless," and most notably, was Will Smith's mother Vy on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." She has also appeared on 'The X-files," "Malcolm in the Middle," and "The Big Bang Theory." On Wednesday Ms. Watson-Johnson arrived in Port Charles, portraying the aunt of Curtis Ashford on "General Hospital."

Curtis Ashford's aunt is in town

After Mr. Ashford's lady friend Jordan left his apartment there was a knock on the door.

Curtis opened the door to see his "Auntie" who had come to town to celebrate his birthday. She waltzed right in as if she were a mother checking on her child, and announced that she was going to stay with her nephew. The look of exasperation on his face let viewers know that Curtis believes his aunt Stella is going to cramp his style.

Curtis and Jordan have just taken their relationship to the next level and his auntie being in town is going to cause problems. Jordan was once married to Curtis' brother -- who is assumed to be the dad of her son T.J.. Jordan had actually had an affair with Shawn Butler who was her spouse's best friend, and he is her baby daddy. Shawn has been wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

Shawn would also be a nephew to this aunt. Previews for Friday show her giving her unflattering opinion of Jordan. It's obvious that T.J.'s great aunt has a bone to pick with his mother.

Watson-Johnson should be right at home on 'General Hospital'

Vernee Watson-Johnson is not a household name. Her face, however, is very familiar because of her staying power as an actress.

With the exit of Jane Elliot -- who portrayed Tracy Quartermaine -- and Leslie Charleson on recurring status as Monica, "General Hospital" must have decided to steer viewers away from the Quartermaine Mansion by focusing on another, older Port Charles resident.

Laura Spencer has been on screen more than ever and Obrecht -- who was MIA during the nurse's ball -- is back in action.

Anna Devane is doing double duty as her twin Alex, and now they are adding Watson-Johnson as the aunt of Curtis, T.J., and Shawn. "Auntie Stella" says she will stick around until after Curtis' birthday is over. Watson-Johnson may do such a good job that the fans will love her and the powers that be may decide to allow her to remain in Port Charles.