“Big Brother” fans are in high gear for the Season 19 premiere, and this summer show’s mantra, “Expect the Unexpected,” may be even more meaningful than ever. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Big Brother” executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan and longtime host Julie Chen talked about the upcoming season’s Temptation theme, revealing that the new twists can take the show anywhere.

Grodner didn’t rule out the possibility of more than two nominees on the chopping block at some point this season, while Chen teased that the apples strewn through the house will lead to “a serpent or two.” Indeed, “Big Brother 19” will feature a Den of Temptation that could change the game for anyone who can’t resist.

The 'BB19' houseguests will have choices to make

Meehan revealed that the houseguests will have the choice to take multiple paths this season, which means producers have to come up with backup plans for all types of scenarios. According to Grodner, for opening night alone, producers have two different scripts that could lead to different outcomes.

The Temptation theme could also bring back the "Big Brother” staple Pandora's Box, which will force the houseguests to make a quick decision when faced with a temptation. While money is the name of the “Big Brother” game, Grodner explains that some houseguests may be tempted to take an offer of safety or the ability to do something that the other houseguests can’t.

The two-hour “Big Brother 19” premiere is described as a “busy night full of lots of surprises and twists and turns,” with Grodner revealing that it is possible that a backyard competition that the set department spent hours to create could be scrapped at the last minute, depending on decisions made by the houseguests.

In addition, the Sunday episodes of “Big Brother” will not feature a Battle of the Block or Roadkill competition. For this season, it may not always be the same thing that is done for the Sunday episodes.

An early evictee?

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed viewers already suspect an early eviction could have one “Big Brother” contestant out before the live feeds even start.

According to a post on Big Brother Network, a Verizon TV viewer noted that the online channel guide reveals that one houseguest will be sent home on the Thursday, June 29 night episode. While the TV listing could just be a generic description, it should be noted that for the first Sunday night episode next week, it says “viewers will vote on which houseguest they would like to send into the Den of Temptation to be enticed by a potentially game-changing offer.”

“Big Brother 19” premieres Wednesday, June 28 on CBS.

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