rachel lindsay had her work cut out for her on this week's episode of "The Bachelorette." The 32-year-old defense attorney from Dallas, Texas had to handle a lot of drama among the men. She had to deal with a competitor who was sent home last week but returned to ask for a second chance. She had to deal with arguments within the group as the men acted like boys. Two of them continued arguing with each other in the parking lot even after they both were sent home.


The episode on Monday, June 5 opened with DeMario Jackson, 30, standing at the door of the mansion begging Rachel for a second chance.

He had been sent home last week after his girlfriend appeared on the show and exposed him. When he told Rachel he wanted to go forward, she agreed. She said he could go forward outside of the mansion but definitely not inside it. DeMario got the message, and hopefully, he won't return because Rachel told him she needs a man, not a boy.


Fred Johnson, 27, is from Rachel's hometown, and they knew each other before the show. In fact, she was once his camp counselor. However, that did not earn him any brownie points. Fred pulled Rachel aside and poured his heart out. He asked Rachel if he could kiss her. That threw Rachel for a loop because no one has ever asked her that before.

Fred told Rachel he saw her in a wedding gown and himself in a suit.

Rachel wasn't impressed with the kiss or with the image of her marrying him. She said when Fred kissed her she couldn't stop thinking of him as a troublesome boy at camp. She walked Fred outside and told him that it wasn't working for her. She didn't even keep him around for the rose ceremony.


Eric Bigger, 29, felt like Lee Garrett, 30, and Bryce Powers, 30, were trying to make him look bad in front of Rachel and the other men.

Instead of talking to her about themselves, they chose to try to put Eric down. Rachel confronted Eric about the accusation made by Lee and Bryce that Eric is not on the show for the right reason. Eric explained it so Rachel could understand, and they thought the matter was settled. However, Lee just wouldn't drop it. He and Eric had a heated argument.

Eric ended up getting the group rose much to the disappointment of those who tried to put him down.

Lucas, the Whaboom guy

Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey, 30, and Blake Elarbee, 31, seemed to be enemies. Blake blamed Lucas for wasting Rachel's time with his corny Whaboom jokes. Blake wanted Lucas to be eliminated so he could win Rachel's favor. The irony is that both of them were eliminated. They continued arguing in the parking lot as they were leaving. Blake accused Lucas of ruining his chances with Rachel. He said Lucas was there just to be on television as a comedian instead of being there for Rachel. Certainly, Lucas was annoying, but Blake seemed to have resented it more than others.

Special notice: There will not be another new episode until June 19, 2017, because of Game 5 of the NBA Finals next week on ABC.

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