On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" Lulu set a plan in motion to obtain custody of her daughter Charlotte. Unfortunately, her good intentions backfired and now she may have lost her daughter forever. Rather than comply with her wishes Valentin takes their little girl and makes a run for it.

It all began at the Nurses Ball

After the 2017 Nurses Ball, Nina is held at gunpoint by men who want the canister with the Chimera Project inside. Valentin rushes in to save his wife and is shot. While he is recuperating Anna Devane tells Mr. Cassadine that he will be arrested by the WSB. Anna then goes to talk to Lulu and tells her that if Charlotte's father is incarcerated the little girl may end up in foster care.

She suggests Lulu take steps to keep that from happening.

Meanwhile, Valentin checks himself out of the hospital against his doctor's wishes. He goes straight to Lulu's home to get his daughter. Lulu tells Valentin he must go on the run because he will soon be arrested and suggests he sign custody of their daughter over to her. Valentin does not say a word.

Lulu believes she may have gotten through to Mr. Cassadine but she is wrong. She leaves the room to get something for her son Rocco and when she returns, Valentin and Charlotte are nowhere to be found. The little girl's bookbag is on the table so Lulu knows Valentin has not taken her to school. She panics and calls Anna. She tells her that she tipped Valentin off that he was going to be arrested and now he has gone on the run with her daughter.

The fate of little Charlotte

Lulu is so anxious to take Charlotte away from her father that she acts before she thinks. She has made several mistakes in her efforts to obtain custody of her little girl. Now in her desperation, she may have lost her daughter forever. Charlotte is unaware of all the drama going on around her. She does not know that her papa has a gunshot wound and really should have stayed in the hospital.

Charlotte is not aware that her father is a wanted man.

Valentin is not thinking clearly either because if he were he would have accepted Lulu's offer. There is no way he can take Charlotte on the run. And he also needs medical care for his wound. It was selfish of him to remove the little girl from the safe environment of Lulu and Dante's home. Now Valentin himself may be in danger of losing custody.

The fate of Charlotte Cassadine is up in the air, and both her parents may have jeopardized the child's future.

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