Kirsten Storms took a little bit of time off from "General Hospital" so that she could focus on herself. It turns out that she will be coming back as soon as Maxie Jones. While Kirsten took some time away from the show, she found love, and she hasn't been afraid to share about it on her social networks. The fans are so happy to hear that she is doing well.

Who is the new man in her life?

For a while now, kirsten storms has been sharing photos of a new guy, but not saying who it was at all. Now it has been figured out that she is dating Zach Webb, lead singer of neo rock band, It’s Alive. She actually shared a photo of them together, and they were watching "The Bachelorette." It does look like she has found love and Kirsten seems really happy.

Back on May 30 was the first time that she shared about her new man on social networks, but she didn't give the details. Since then, she has started sharing more about him. It is unknown exactly how long these two have been dating, but it does look like she has found love. She has been sharing a lot about him on social networks, and it looks like she is also going to be promoting his music for him now and then.

Kirsten Storms past relationship

This is the first guy that she has dated publicly since her split from hubby Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny Zacchara.) They have a daughter together. Not long ago, Kirsten took off from "General Hospital" for three months and only shared that it was for "personal reasons." She didn't explain what was going on with her exactly, even though the fans wanted to know.

Brandon is also a musician so Kirsten Storms might have a type. He liked her post about her new man, so everyone hopes that this means that he is fine with her new relationship. If they can all get along, that will make things better for them and easier on their daughter Harper.

If Brandon has moved on and is dating someone new, then he hasn't shared that just yet.

The fans would love to hear from him, but it just doesn't seem like he is dating or ready to share. The one woman on his social networks is his daughter Harper. He does share a lot about her. Maybe Brandon will share when he starts dating again.

Are you excited for Kirsten Storms to return to "General Hospital" as Maxie Jones? Are you happy to hear that she has found love?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC. It does sound like Kirsten will be back on the show very soon.

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