"General Hospital's" kirsten storms has finally spoken out about the reasons behind her most recent break from the daytime soap revealing medical issues with her skin, hair, and weight over the past few months forced the actress to take leave from General Hospital.

Kirsten Storms returns to social media.

As previously reported, Kirsten Storms had soap fans genuinely concerned for her health and well-being after she began appearing on the soap looking, thin, gaunt and overly made up.

Storms hit social media recently breaking her long silence to assure "General Hospital" fans that she was well and recovering.

Storms added a photo that showed the star who plays fan favorite Maxie Jones looking healthy and fit.The photo now has GH fans anxiously awaiting her return. Kirsten admitted in the past that an overabundance of stress in her life had taken a harsh toll on her health and a much-needed break looks to be just what the doctor ordered to get Kirsten back on a healthy track.

Stress and medical issues take a toll on soap actress.

Fans are growing accustomed to Storms medical leaves over the years the actress has been noticeably absent three times all for medical reasons. In 2011 Kirsten was diagnosed with endometriosis which forced her to take a year off for treatment and recovery. Since her 2011 health crisis Storms has been through quite a lot in her personal life, she has since married, had a baby, and underwent a very difficult divorce after a three-year-marriage to "General Hospital" co-star Brandon Barash.

Kirsten's role on the soap was not temporarily filled following her most recent absence, instead, the show's writers worked her leave into the show by having Nathan reveal that Maxie left town for a while, taking a temporary job in Portland, Oregon.

The excuse fits into the storyline with the explanation that Maxie needed to work after she recently was fired from Crimson.

But, it looks as if Maxie may be returning to Port Charles in the very near future if Kirsten Storms post was a hint. We just hope Kirsten is over dealing with whatever issues she needed to tend to and can finally settle back in at General Hospital once and for all.

Hopefully, with the 2017 May Sweeps rapidly approaching Maxie will get back into action and bring daytime fans an exciting story that will breathe some new life into the soap and boost ratings.

As many daytime fans are well aware it is becoming tougher and tougher for the very few soaps left on television to maintain their viewers and as far as cancellations go it appears that no-one is ever really safe.

Will you be glad to see Kirsten Storms AKA Maxie Jones finally return to General Hospital?