“Agents of Shield” is one of the top rated comic book TV series, and it shows. The writers have managed to improve the show since the first season, and since then, it has been consistent throughout.

When it comes down to Season 5 of “Agents of Shield,” ABC and Marvel are currently in the planning stages to deliver another spectacular season, but what exactly should fans expect? The ending of season 4 shows the demise of Aida and several of her henchmen, and it also shows the Ghost Rider traveling to a different world.

To make things even more interesting, Coulson and his team were abducted by an unknown group and placed on vessels in space.

Where this group comes from is still unknown, but some believe it’s the organization known as SWORD.

Still, we feel sad for Grant Ward, something we can’t shake due to our love for the character. Seeing him again in season 4 brought back memories, and as such, we’re hoping for a return of the character in season 5.

Grant Ward isn't returning for season 5

Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want since executive producer of “Agents of Shield,” Jed Whedon, made it clear in a recent interview that Grant Ward won’t be returning for the next chapter. Still, there’s good news for the future should things work out differently.

Whedon claimed that the team had planned to bring back several dead characters via the Framework, but everything failed due to personal matters and scheduling conflicts.

Furthermore, if Grant Ward and anyone else had returned, they’d be a corrupted version of their former selves.

“Aida rebuilt her body out of dark stuff from a dark, terrible universe, so she wasn’t exactly human. There was a Darkhold filter through which she came, so it seemed that anyone who came back that way was not, in fact, really themselves, but some corrupted version of themselves,” according to another executive producer, Jeff Bell in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Corrupted Grant Ward would have been great

Seeing a corrupted version of Ward changing from good to evil would cause fans to lose their minds. Just imagine the relationship he would have with Daisy, only to see things fall apart again due to him turning to the dark side once more.

Then again, the writers have little choice at this point but to move on from Ward.

He’s the best character the show has ever seen, that’s for sure, but the series can’t afford to dwell in the past. Hopefully, as time goes by, the writers will manage to find other great characters and actors who are capable of delivering the goods in a huge way.

Now, if only we could get confirmation that Ghost Rider will return for season 5, that’d be great.

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