Have you ever wondered what happened to a character in "Game of Thrones?" There are a few that just seem to disappear after being sent away on a task. Season 6 saw the return of Benjen Stark and The Hound was brought back from the brink of death. Season 7 is going to see the return of a character that many people may have forgotten about; Lord Beric Dondarrion.

Where has Lord Dondarrion Been?

The last time Dondarrion was seen was with The Hound heading north. The Hound has been through quite an ordeal since then, but nothing has been mentioned about his former companion. However, the rule with "Game of Thrones" is to not assume anyone is dead until you see that death (or their body) on screen.

Even then, dead doesn't always stay dead.

In the case of Dondarrion, he's coming back. The promo photos recently released for season 7 show that he has made it to the north after all. He's surrounded by snow, but it isn't clear just where he is right now.

Everyone gets a 'Game of Thrones' wardrobe upgrade

Some of the characters have worn the same outfits for the last six years. Just look at the limited choices for Daenerys. Jon Snow only got a wardrobe change last season because he was able to leave the Night's Watch without risking death--he'd already paid with his life! However, it turns out that all of the characters will get a wardrobe upgrade for season 7.

Fans have already seen Daenerys with her padded, strong shoulders, making it clear she means business.

Jon Snow remains in Winterfell gear, as he takes on the role of King of the North. Cersei is also making a few changes to the way she dresses. Once, it was all about her luxurious blonde locks and her beautiful dresses, but as Queen of Westeros her clothing is about dark, long-sleeved, high neck outfits. She needs to dress like a ruler, very much like Dany.

Arya has also been spotted in some upgraded outfits now that she's back in Westeros. She's ready to take down anyone who comes up against her after her training in Bravos. Meanwhile, Jaime Lannister is ready to stand out as what looks like the head of the King's (now Queen's?) Guard.

"Game of Thrones" will return to screens on July 16. The season is shorter than all the rest, but the season finale is set to be longer than any other episode ever.

Season 8 has been confirmed, and it will also have fewer episodes than any other season. Fans worry that there is a lot to fit in, but the promotional photos make it look like HBO is focusing on the main storylines alone. How does Beric Dondarrion fit into those storylines?

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