"Fuller House" star Candace Cameron Bure has finally opened up to fans sharing details of her 21-year-marriage to husband NHL hockey star Valeri Bure. The couple first met in 1995, dating for two years before they married. Candace has recently spoken out, sharing her secret to a long lasting marriage according to a report from FaithTap.

"Fuller House" gushes over husband Val Bure

Soon to be celebrating their 21st anniversary, Candace Cameron Bure took to social media revealing that their deep faith has seen the couple through many Ups And Downs throughout their life. Candace posted that she is completely and deeply in love with Val, however, through the years things haven't always been "all roses."

Bure reveals faith in God has got her through some tougher times

"There have been several tough years, in a row, ups and downs, bad attitudes and bad decisions, but we've persevered.

We rode them out. We loved each other through them. We kept the focus; God's glory. We are both better for it."

Cameron, 41, and Val, 43, are the parents of three teenage children, Natasha, Lev, and Maksim. When it comes to raising kids, Cameron once again credits their faith in helping her and her husband survive parenting. Candace is best known for her roles as DJ Tanner from the original comedy sitcom "Full House." She began her "Full House" television stint in 1987 until the series finale in 1995.

Following the end of the comedy sitcom, Cameron made guest appearances on television series including "Cybil" and "Boy Meets World."

In 2014 Bure competed on the popular celebrity dance competition show "Dancing with the Stars" in season 18 of the hit ABC show.

Along with her successful acting career, Cameron is also a published author. Her work includes, " Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness," "Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose," and "Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction."

In 2016 Cameron reprised her "Full House" role as DJ Tanner for the hit Netflix reboot "Fuller House" where she plays a widow and her mother of three children living her family home with her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibler, who have moved in to help out.

The Netflix reboot "Fuller House" is one of the most popular series on the streaming site and "Full House" fans can often tune in seeing guest spots made by all the original cast members except for the Olsen twins who played the youngest sister Michelle.

Candace Cameron Bure has what seems like a near perfect life, a loving and happy marriage, beautiful family and a thriving career all to which she credits her complete faith and devotion in God.

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