There has been some major drama developing among the Duggar Family lately, mostly concerning the way Jim Bob and Michelle have been interacting with some of the family members according to In Touch.

Duggar family drama is constant

First off, it has been reported that Jim Bob Duggar has been carrying on some feud with daughter Jessa's husband Ben Seewald over their difference of opinion concerning their religious views. Everyone familiar with the Duggar family knows that if there is one thing the Duggar's hold near to their hearts, it is their religious beliefs.

According to the report, Jim Bob has issues with Ben because he grew up practicing Calvinism and they are Quiverfulls.

Sources close to the Duggar family have revealed to The Hollywood Gossip that Jim Bob has been trying to tolerate the different religious views of Ben and has been allowing Jessa and their children, Spurgeon and Henry to follow to keep the peace while filming the family Reality Series.

Duggar child training techniques thought to be harsh and extreme by some

The source claims that Jim Bob and Ben hit a brick wall several months ago after Ben spoke out insupport of the Black Lives Matter movement. Needless to say, this did not go over well with his in-laws Jim Bob and Michelle and had caused some tension within the family. As if the religious issues were not enough, there is yet another huge problem within the family that appears to be a growing source of controversy.

Recently Jim Bob and Michelle shared a photo of two of their very young grandchildren, Josh's daughter and Jessa's son, Meredith, and Spurgeon. Both toddlers are nearing their second birthdays. The picture showed the tiny tots each pushing a steam mop across the floor of their grandparents home. Well, the Duggar's captioned the shared photo with "Train them young!

These little ones love to 'help.'

Fans began immediately blasting the Duggar's telling them how inappropriate they believed the photo was. One commenter blasted at them on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page "You train a dog, not a child!" While another wrote "teaching them to be their parent's little slave."

However, the Duggar family goes along about their lives continuing to use some pretty strict and questionable parenting methods that spark controversy and drama on a daily basis.

For instance, when Jill Duggar revealed that she had been using the "blanket training" method with her son, Israel, people hit the ceiling!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Duggar parenting training technique, it involves placing a small child on a blanket and snapping a ruler at them everytime they attempt to move away from the blanket. Some Duggar followers believe in the method of forcing them to stay in a confined area, training them to stay put or face unpleasant consequences. Fans have commented that this seems extreme and cruel to the small children.

Another example of the Duggar's questionable parenting choices came into play when a photo of some of the grandchildren outside riding bikes was shared. Sounds reasonably harmless, until it was pointed out by other concerned parents that the children were wearing flip flops and biking without helmets.

Two, potentially serious safety concerns.

What are your thoughts on the Duggar family's strict beliefs and parenting techniques are they too extreme?

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