New details have been revealed about how the new system for the Legendary Battles will work. For "Pokémon GO" players and trainers participate in these battles, it will be necessary to get a special Legendary Pass. This pass should be similar to other Raids passes; however, it will be given to exceptional players worldwide. Pokémon Go Gym Coins system has been given a new major update by Niantic’s Developers, while fans have been cashing in on the new ways to farm the new Rare Candy. Next, we share with you, new changes discovered in the latest Pokemon Go update.

Let's see details below:

How to earn the most valued PokeCoins and Items for free in the game?

It’s now been discovered that even more has been changed than originally thought. As fans will know, they can earn free PokeCoins for keeping their Pokémon in Gyms, the longer the Pokémon stays, the more PokeCoins they can earn. It has been revealed that for every 10 minutes players have a Pokémon in a Gym, they will be able to gain 1 PokeCoin.

How will the Legendary Badges be distributed in the game?

The new Legendary Badges will be distributed on three levels (bronze, silver, and gold). At the moment there has not been confirmed how many will be enabled in the game. It is expected that the process to get them is a bit difficult.

Additional information

In addition, there are some players who are not happy with the operation way of the Legendary Badges. According to them, it just benefits once again people who live in big cities or near parks with 100 Poke Stops and 20 gyms. “The chances for players being able to Battle Raids once a day is much higher than someone that has 3 gyms nearby”, they said, in their reports.

It should be mentioned that Niantic has announced that its developers are working on some improvements related to the latest update. It has not been confirmed yet if Legendary Pokemon will be released in the next Niantic update. But as it is known, these were announced for this summer so it is very likely that they will reach "Pokemon Go" in the next few days.

For the past month, rumors have been circulating about the release date of these beloved Legendary creatures. There are those who have said that they will be released at the end of July, however, we have to wait for Niantic to confirm this information.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.