One of the most top grossing films of Disney, "Frozen 2," is expected to make certain changes to its story. However, despite its official announcement of airing, the film production remained tight-lipped about its plotline. This leads fans to speculate that something is surprising that this next movie sequel holds for them.

In one of the previous reports, it revealed that Elsa would be the newest villain. On the other hand, some reports claim that Anna will finally discover her own super power. Whichever could be true, viewers will find it out as soon as the movie sequel hits the big screen this year.

Elsa to portray the first lesbian Disney Princess?

One of the reports from Celebeat revealed that Elsa would turn out a lesbian and will Fall In Love to her sister Anna. Apparently, Elsa is facing a lot of trouble being a princess. Thus, most of the movie fans suggest that her identity crisis has to be revealed in the upcoming sequel. Further, other speculations claimed that Elsa would turn out as the new villain in "Frozen 2." If this happens so, then preferably, this can be the plot twist that the movie producer, Peter Del Vecho, has been talking about.

Nevertheless, Del Vecho also emphasized that at any time, "Frozen 2" storyline can change. Everyone in the production has been doing their best to deliver the best story. Hence, if such change appeals to be good in the story, then they will also do it as long as the production is still in progress.

On the other hand, fans are also excited for the plot to reveal the real identity of Elsa in the movie. This is one of the most exciting twists that fans are looking forward to.

Anna to discover her own super power

For the past months, there had been several reports that were published about "Frozen 2." Many reports came out that exciting twists and revelations are bound to happen in this forthcoming movie.

In one of the reports, it claimed that Anna would discover her ability to control fire. Apparently, it is safe to say that she also has her super power just like Elsa.

Moreover, with Anna's ability to control the fire, some speculations reveal that she will use it in order to fight against Elsa. Further, with these entire plot changes that are expected to happen in "Frozen 2," the production reveals that fans will be able to comprehend the entire run of the story if they get to see this upcoming sequel.

"Frozen 2" is expected to arrive on November 27 with its original casts reprising their roles as Princess Elsa and Anna together with Olaf.

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