It seems that Natsu together with Fairy Tail fans will not have a break in the action after Zeref peacefully passed away with Mavis. After getting pushed into the Ravines of Time, the evil Black Dragon returns stronger than ever. Acnologia now holds the power of the Ravines by consuming its magic source. Furthermore, the Black Dragon absorbed all the Dragon Slayers to turn himself into the Perfect Dragon of Extinction.

At the end of the previous chapter titled “World Collapse,” it was revealed that Natsu’s sudden disappearance was due to the powers of Acnologia.

The fate of the whole world now lies within the hands of Natsu and the rest of the Dragon Slayers trapped in the Ravines. However, how will the Dragon Slayers defeat a being that can consume all kinds of magic?

Acnologia and the Ravines

After Anna Heartfilia and Ichiya had sacrificed their selves to execute their plan, we all thought that we can now kiss away goodbye to the loathsome dragon. However, just as the rest of the Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail mages recover, a crack in the sky emerged out of nowhere and within it appeared a stronger Acnologia. Just like any magic based attack, the Black Dragon consumed the very Ravines of Time which gave him the control over the dimension.

Amidst all of the magical power that the Dragon King acquired, he is still not satisfied, and he consumed all of the Dragon Slayers including the battle weary Natsu.

Within the other dimension of the Ravines of Time, the Fairy Tail fire mage was greeted by Acnologia in his human form claiming that Natsu is now in his world. With the hope of the whole world in Natsu and the other Dragon Slayer’s hand, they will have to face a powerful being that is impervious to any magic.

Anna and Ichiya still alive?

With only 7 chapter left before Hiro Mashima’s hit manga series wraps up, a lot of fans are speculating about how the Dragon Slayers will emerge victorious against their tough adversary. Some fans are thinking that Anna and Ichiya are still alive and the duo are just trapped like the Dragon Slayers.

If the two of them managed to survive, they would be a great addition to the team of Dragon Slayers. A reunion of all the Dragon Slayers with their teacher Anna Heartfilia is also a huge possibility in the future chapters.

Meanwhile, other fans are hypothesizing that eating the Ravines of Time will have a massive recoil to the proud Dragon King. The fans are looking back when Natsu ate Etherion, and they are speculating that the power of nothingness of the Ravines of Time will act as poison on Acnologia. If any magic can not defeat the Black Dragon, his boastful self is a plausible way to his demise.

Anyway, let us just wait for the next chapter of "Fairy Tail" titled "Harmony" that will come out on the next issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine.