Natsu and Zeref’s battle is drawing to a close, and the brothers are finally giving their best shot to defeat other. Fairy Tail” chapter 536 will continue on the revived Natsu unleashing his Dragon Flame King Roaring Punch imbued with the power of the guild against Zeref’s Exploding Flame Blade of Darkness. The Dragneel brothers are now employing their strongest attack but will the power of Fairy Tail friendship strong enough to overpower Zeref’s power dubbed as unlimited? Meanwhile, other characters are now in grave danger in the next chapter.

Lucy is now at risk of succumbing to the darkness while Jellal faces the wrath of the Acnologia.

Lucy and the Book of E.N.D.

In the past chapter, Lucy rewrote the missing words that popped out on the Book of E.N.D. when Natsu received a fatal would from Zeref. Though she only saw words in an instant, she remembered all the words lost and managed to rewrite it. In a moment, Natsu was cured of his injuries while Lucy, on the other hand, suffered repercussions by messing with the book. Natsu’s demonic flame went inside Lucy leaving the celestial mage in agonizing pain and vein-like markings on her body.

Zeref was shocked to see that Natsu’s is now completely healed and the Black Mage deducted that the only explanation on the miraculous comeback was because of the Book of E.N.D.

Zeref was impressed that a mere human can alter the book. However, he claimed that the act will erode the writer’s very existence and will be consumed by the darkness. If Lucy continues to mess with the book, the demonic properties of the book will kill her. Thankfully, there is a Demon Slayer close by, and Gray counteract the effects of the book by cooling Lucy down.

Jellal Vs Acnologia

Jellal together with Erza and Wendy are currently aboard Blue Pegasus’ magic ship Christina. They are on the quest of luring Acnologia into the Ravines of Time to trap the evil dragon in an endless timelapse. However, the Ravines was sealed shut, and Anna Heartfilia is having a hard time opening it. Suddenly, Ravines was opened by Zeref, but in contrary to their expectations, the Ravines was visible with the naked eye making their plan at a disadvantage.

The element of surprise is now gone, and it will be harder to lure the Acnologia into a suspicious location that looks like a trap.

Jellal decided to deal with the problem and set out to engage the dragon. Jellal set off a powerful attack to push the Acnologia directly into the Ravines of Time. However, the Dark Dragon consumed Jellal’s heavenly magic and captured the mage in his dragonic hand. Acnologia exclaimed that he would crush Jellal as the magic ship crashed into the sea.

Chapter 536 speculations

Natsu and Zeref’s fight is going on for a while and now that it is drawing to a close many are speculating that Hiro Mashima will not make Zeref’s defeat physically but instead a psychological one.

Fans are hoping that Zeref will have a Change Of Heart due to the power of friendship that will be displayed by Natsu. With Zeref as an ally, the Fairy Tail will now engage Acnologia and save Jellal from dying. Meanwhile, Lucy and Gray will manage to devise a way to sever the link between Natsu and the Book of E.N.D. making the dragon slayer an average person.