The impending end of Fairy Tail is inevitable and fans are wondering how they will move on as their beloved series bid farewell after another two volumes. While others are getting themselves ready for the finale, some enthusiasts are sad to see Natsu and the rowdy guild of Fairy Tail drop the curtains. Fortunately, creator, Hiro Mashima teased on his latest tweet that though the series is about to end, Fairy Tail still has a lot of stories to tell the world. Could it be a spin-off?

Fairy Tail to end at volume 63

The 61st compiled book of the manga series hit Japan last Wednesday, and Mashima confirmed that the series would end after another two volumes.

However, Mashima also revealed that he is planning to start another project soon and he is very excited about it.

He mentioned that he wants to try and create a new story with a new world and a fresh set of characters. There is no further information regarding the project, but fans are still hoping that a spin-off series will continue like “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.”

The series’ ending was going on for quite a while when the official website for “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” anime film teased that the manga is on its final arc. Ever since the manga debuted last 2006, the series inspired two seasons of anime, several OVA projects, a spin-off manga and two full-length anime film.

The first one titled “Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Princess,” released on 2012 and the latest movie, “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” that will hit the US theaters on May 20.

The film was already released in Japan, and it currently sits on the number 10 spot of the Japanese box office.

A spin-off on the works?

For now, there are no signs that Mashima will continue with the series to produce a sequel or a spin-off series. Mashima already confirmed that he would work on something new once “Fairy Tail” went under wraps, but his recent message means that he will not drop Natsu and the others for good.

The creator may take an indefinite break from magic and mages through another project. Eventually, when Mashima feels like it is time to bring us back to the world of magic, we will either have a sequel or a spin-off series.

Nowadays, the anime industry has a trend of continuing a franchise through a spin-off series. Akira Toriyama’s legendary Dragon Ball series is one great example.

Toei Animation continues Goku’s adventures in the weekly show “Dragon Ball Super” after Toriyama’s manga series ended decades ago. On the other hand, “Fairy Tail” is not over yet, and we have to see how the things will be completed with Zeref, Natsu and the whole guild.