Kendra Caldwell is now engaged to Joseph Duggar, and the couple seems really happy together. Joseph popped the question while at his sister Joy-Anna's wedding, but Joy was totally fine with it and in on the proposal. She actually acted like she was going to throw her bouquet and then instead handed it off to Kendra. After that, Joseph got down on one knee and popped the question. Now it is being reported that Kendra Caldwell actually courted Jedidiah Duggar before Joseph, but obviously things didn't work out for them.

Joseph wasn't the first Duggar in her life

If you haven't noticed, the Duggar boys courtships don't seem to go as well as the girls. When the girls start courting, it seems to end in marriage, and all of the older girls but Jana are already married. Joseph will just be the second of the Duggar boys to tie the knot. Jedidiah Duggar hasn't shared yet that he was in a courtship.

Now a former employee of the Duggars is sharing that Kendra Caldwell was involved with Jedidiah before she started dating Joseph Duggar. The source said that Joe actually "bumped [Jedidiah] out" during the early stages of the younger brother's courtship with Kendra. Eventually, Jed wrote a letter to Joe and told him it was fine to date Kendra and that he was okay with it.

The insider shared that a lot of things happen at the Duggar house that doesn't end up showing on the series. They said that things are a bit different than you always see on television, but of course, that is true with any reality show.

Jed is a lot younger than Joseph, being four years younger, but he is also closer to Kendra's age then Joseph.

The Duggars have never talked about the fact that she was talking to Jed first, but they will probably avoid the subject totally.

Why didn't any of this show on the series?

The thing is the Duggars don't show any of the negative stuff on their show. If Kendra and Jed were still in the early stages of a courtship, then they probably never even recorded much of it and so they didn't air it since it didn't work out more than likely.

The fans would have loved to see all of this, but the Duggars are able to pick and choose what they show on the series "Counting On."

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