Hey, "Fargo" fans. Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to deliver confirmation of season 4 for you today. Apparently, both the creator of the show Noah Hawley and the network are unsure of what they're going to do next in regard to this series. According to TV Line, Noah interviewed with the people at "Entertainment Weekly" while he was at the recent ATX Festival. During their conversation, he told them that there's only a certain amount of storytelling that can be pulled off with this type of series. He currently doesn't have more material to write.

So, season 3 might be the last one.

There may never be another season

In addition to that, they revealed that the FX CEO John Landgraf had a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter news team recently. During it, he said that there may never be another season of "Fargo" unless Noah can come up with a huge idea for it that he thinks can actually trump the first three seasons. So, judging by all those statements, the future is certainly looking quite bleak for "Fargo."

Let's go ahead and look at the viewership numbers that the show brought in for the network during its run over three seasons. They're certainly down from what it premiered at in the first season. The very first episode of the series brought in 2.65 million viewers.

After that, it kept dropping and settled at 1.98 million viewers for the season 1 finale episode. So, it only lost a semi-small portion of its audience that year.

Below a million viewers

However, when the next season came around, it only opened to 1.59 million viewers. The next episode actually dropped below the 1 million viewer mark with only about 900,000 people.

It quickly rebounded from that in episode 3 with 1.21 million viewers. From there, it was able to eventually work its way back up to 1.82 million for the season 2 finale episode.

The season 3 premiere saw another decline with 1.42 million viewers. That was a negative 10.4 percent drop from the season 2 finale. The demographic ratings for the 18-49 age group was pretty low at 0.40.

The audience numbers kept dropping after that and would go below the 1 million mark again in episode 5 with only 900,000 or so people and a demo score of 0.26.

Slightly improved

Those numbers did rebound in episode 6 but only slightly. It was able to bring in just above 1 million. However, the demo ratings kept dipping with a 0.24 score. So, that was definitely not good. Finally, the last episode that aired on June 14th, 2017 brought in 1.19 million viewers and a 0.29 demo score. So, it has slightly improved, however, these numbers don't look very good at all. It is a cable show, though, so those numbers may be good enough to make the cut for FX. Only time will tell. Stay tuned.