Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King just may be the next Duggar Family members to come out with this week's huge announcement. According to In Touch, Amy and Dillon just may be expecting a visit from the stork by the end of the year.

When it comes to Duggar family news fans know there are really only three types, someone is getting married, someone is expecting a baby or someone has bad news to share. We prefer the first two.

Is Amy Duggar King keeping a secret from her fans?

However, it looks as if June will continue on with happy Duggar family news.

As previously reported, On May 27, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth were married way ahead of schedule, five months early to be exact. Speculation online believes this could also mean a baby announcement very soon from the newlyweds. We are hopefully expecting some news detailing the early wedding in the near future. But, Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding news was not that went down that day.

Joy-Anna's brother Joseph, who got engaged, Kendra Caldwell. Talk about your double happy family moments. Some fans were pretty upset that Joseph took it upon himself to propose on Joy's wedding day but have no fear, he got Joy's blessing before it all went down.

How many Duggar weddings and babies will there be in 2017?

Now let's talk Amy and Dillon news, while nothing has been officially confirmed the reality couple who are rapidly approaching their first anniversary will also have their very own TLC special "Amy and Dillon: Married One Year." From the looks of the teasers and the whispers floating around the Internet there very well could be two reasons to celebrate, first the anniversary, next news of yet another Duggar family member?

The happy couple has made no secret that they would love to have three children, or more...they are Duggars after all. While enjoying a vacation, the couple discusses having children. The teaser trailer purposely sets Amy up to make an announcement saying, "Well, speaking of baby..." and the camera cuts to another scene.

So take that tease as you may, most fans believe that spells Duggar baby baking in the oven.

That and another fact that has been noticed, Amy's new found love of excessively baggy clothes.

At this rate, we aren't sure how Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are going to be able to keep all their grandchildren's names straight. Either way congratulations to the entire Duggar family news on all your happy blessings of 2017.

What are your thoughts on 's teaser, do you believe the couple is already pregnant? Tune in to "Amy & Dillon: Married One Year" June 19 on TLC for the answer.