It was no surprise that Joy-Anna Duggar got Married to Austin Forsyth over Memorial weekend. As a matter of fact, most Duggar followers believed the wedding was actually going to take place the week prior but either way, it was most certainly filmed and will be seen when "Counting On" returns to TLC.

While fans still haven't seen much from the latest Duggar wedding, we were treated to another beautiful Jana Duggar selfie. Unfortunately, the story behind the photo has a lot of fans upset for the longsuffering Duggar daughter whom they have dubbed the "Cinderella" of the family because it looks like she'll be working until the end of time as the caretaker of her younger siblings and may never get to experience her own family.

The photo that started the outrage

So it sounds like Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth's wedding went down without a hitch. The two lovebirds have been seen looking pretty happy in pictures and Joy-Anna says she's ready to start making babies.

Meanwhile, after the wedding, Jana was going to take a little hike around the area where the wedding was held. It's not clear why she wanted to go on the little excursion but it turns out that if she wanted some space to clear her head or to get a break for herself, it wasn't going to happen.

In the photo of Jana posted to the Duggar Family Official Facebook page, you can see about 11 kids behind her, ready to follow Jana into the woods. So much for clean air and silence, right?

Why isn't Jana married?

Jana Duggar is 27-years old and in normal society, that's not too old nor would she be considered an old maid. However, in a Quiverful following family like the Duggars, the main goal of the woman is to marry off and procreate. So why is Jana still single?

There have been rumors that Jana has been courting but they never pan out.

Most recently, Jana was linked to Jonathan Hartono but even that looks like a bust. While fans have wondered what is taking so long, her younger sisters Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna have all courted and married. All three of them are talking about getting pregnant and expanding their families, especially Joy-Anna, who just tied the knot and is only 19-years old.

Meanwhile, Jana Duggar is still hanging back with the younger kids. She helps to take care of Jim Bob and Michelle's brood since there are still a lot of younger Duggar kids back at home. Jana helps to teach her younger siblings since the Duggars homeschool and by the looks of it, she's also in charge of keeping the younger kids occupied at family functions, which explains why her post-wedding hike turned into a production where 12 other people followed behind.