DeMario Jackson has been the subject of several controversies since he joined the ABC franchise. Before he was mired in a shocking scandal with Corinne Olympios during their "Bachelor in Paradise" filming in Mexico, the 30-year-old bartender from Los Angeles was eliminated from Rachel Lindsay's "The Bachelorette" for allegedly lying about his relationship outside of the competition. His girlfriend even appeared on the show to confront him before the African-American barrister kicked him out of the game.

'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal

After losing the opportunity to win the heart of the Texas-based lawyer, DeMario joined "Bachelor in Paradise" in hopes to make friends with other contestants while staying in a secluded resort in Mexico.

But before they could even open the fourth season, the male participant was once again entangled in a controversy which prompted the network to stop the production of the newest installment.

Earlier reports claimed he and Corinne allegedly had an intimate night after an all day of drinking with their cast mates. The female contestant said she barely remember what happened between her and DeMario, but insisted that she was the victim of the scandal.

The bartender, on the other hand, is confident that the video footage of that night would prove his innocence. But despite his plea to release the recording, the production has decided not to release them to protect the parties involved. Similarly, "Bachelor in Paradise" was cleared of any misconduct allegation and was given the green light to continue their filming in Mexico.

No more DeMario Jackson

A source told CNN that the "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant has decided not to participate on the reality show to focus on himself after the controversy that cost him his reputation and job. He reportedly thinks that it is "not a good idea" to return on the show after what happened.

Another affiliate told TMZ that DeMario reportedly wants to reach out to Corinne to clarify some things regarding her alleged sexual assault claim.

The "Bachelor in Paradise" outcast has previously said that he does not blame anyone for the controversy, but wants to hear the side of the other party involved personally.

The source added that the male outcast was "blindsided and confused" when Corinne claimed that she was the victim of this whole mess. In fact, the female cast mate will continue her investigation of the issue even after Warner Bros. found no misconduct.