It probably isn't a surprise to most fans that "Dance Moms" star Christi Lukasiak, mother of chloe lukasiak, is set to become enemies with Yolanda Walmsley, mother of Elliana Walmsley, in the new season. Considering her track record in the Lifetime show's past seasons, we should have seen this coming.

What has caused the drama between the two dance moms?

It's not quite clear yet what exactly caused the two to become enemies, but in the teaser for Season 7B, you can see that the two mothers start to get aggressive with each other. At one point, you can see Christi chasing Yolanda and pushing her down in front of multiple people.

It's not shocking that the newly returned dance mom has already made an enemy. She has had many enemies between seasons 1 and 4. Her main enemy being Abby.

Most of the time when Christi makes an enemy, she does so after sticking up for her own kid, or somebody else's. We saw that a lot between her and the mother of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Melissa Gisoni. Half of the time, Lukasiak was more of a nurturing mother to Mackenzie than her own mother was, while Melissa was always busy putting all of her focus on Maddie. Or Christi would comfort her because she kept putting the pressure on Mackenzie to be more like her older sister.

We all know that Elliana's mother, Yolanda, forces her to do dance and to practice nonstop, maybe Christi defends Elliana, and that's what starts this whole feud.

It wouldn't be surprising.

How do the other dance moms feel about Chloe's return?

The other moms are excited to have their former teammate back, but they're upset at Christi for letting Chloe dance at a different dance studio.

Not too long ago, Chloe moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career and to further her already existing dancing career.

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After hearing that Abby Lee Miller had left the show and had been replaced by Cheryl Burke, she agreed to return to the show to try and help to save it from being canceled.

In the beginning of Season 7B, Chloe dances for a dance team that is huge competition for the Abby Lee Dance Company. She, later on, leaves that dance studio and rejoins the elite team at the ALDC.

The other mothers apparently get upset at Christi for allowing the teen to join the other team and compete against her friends.

Considering Chloe left "Dance Moms" because Abby Lee Miller made fun of her eye condition, it makes sense that she would switch dance studios and dance teams entirely. If she hadn't, then she still would have had to deal with the abuse from Abby.

I wonder if Chloe will leave again once Abby has served her sentence and is back at the studio. According to the mothers, the dancers don't want anything to do with her. They don't want to see or talk to her. Many of them have even blocked her on social media. She's going to have a really hard time coming back and gaining everyone's trust again.