The 32-year-old barrister from Texas failed to hold back her tears as she expressed her disappointment to some of her suitors in the recent "The Bachelorette" episode. Rachel Lindsay admitted it felt like she is completely opening herself to the whole world when she decided to join the reality dating program. But despite having to bare and sacrifice her identity for this competition, the African-American lawyer reiterated her commitment to this show.

'I don't know how to handle it'

Viewers of "The Bachelorette" saw an emotional Rachel on Monday as she referred to her suitors' behavior on the show.

Lee Garrett, who was previously slammed for his racist tweets, is reportedly picking up fights with the show's black contestants which make him nothing but a racist. His recent target was Kenny Layne whom he criticized to Rachel for being a "butthole" and "aggressive" during their fight.

Before Kenny, Lee also had a conflict with Eric Bigger. The Florida-based musician has said that he likes to cause drama and frankly added that he is not on the show to make friends. Iggy Rodriguez is also involved in a dispute with Josiah Graham.

Unfortunately, the ongoing tension among the participants is taking its toll on Rachel. Hence, "The Bachelorette" lead became emotional as she admitted being pressured for being on the show and for being the first African-American to lead a "Bachelor" show.

"I already know what people are going to say about me, and judge me for the decisions that I'm making, and I'm going to be the one who has to deal with that, and nobody else. And that's a lot," the lawyer said as cited by ET.

Who went home?

The female barrister evicted not just one, but three contestants on Monday's episode. Bryce Powers, Diggy Moreland, and Brady Ervin were sent home, while Lee and Kenny will continue their journey on the reality program despite causing trouble on the set.

Bryce, a firefighter from Florida, was an early favorite on the competition. Diggy, on the other hand, has always been open about his desire to settle down. But despite his good reputation, the senior inventory analyst from Illinois was kicked out of the game before he could even introduce himself better to Rachel and the public. Lastly, Rachel evicted the 29-year-old model from Minnesota, Brady.

The upcoming episode of "The Bachelorette" is expected to feature Lee and Kenny's ongoing feud and will reveal the reason for the latter's bleeding eyebrow. Did he get into a fight with the singer-songwriter? All this and more on June 26 at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on ABC.

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