ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" confirmed that filming for the fourth season will continue after an investigation initiated by Warner Bros. revealed that there was no evidence to support "any charge of misconduct by a cast member" on June 4. In an official statement released Monday, the studio said even the video recording of that night does not prove "that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy" contrary to previous claims.

The show must go on for 'BIP'

Warner Bros. reiterated that their top priority is to secure the safety and well-being of the program's cast and crew, hence, they decided to suspend the filming of "Bachelor in Paradise" to investigate what took place in Mexico.

The company added they do not intend to release the video footage of the incident as a respect to the parties involved in the controversy. It also guaranteed that the reality program will make the necessary changes in its policies and procedures for the benefit of the cast members.

An insider from ABC thanked Warner Bros. for their immediate investigation and resolution. It also confirmed to ET that the filming for the reality series will continue for a summer premiere. Aside from this, the source did not disclose whether or not they will be casting the same participants for "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4.

Corinne's party to continue own investigation

Atty. Martin Singer assured they will continue their own investigation of the incident with the help of "multiple new witnesses" who can testify what happened between Corinne and DeMario on the set.

The lawyer even emphasized that the production was halted not because his client filed a complaint against anyone, but because producers and crew members have stepped up to complain about what took place.

Singer added he is not surprised that the results of the internal investigation by Warner Bros. showed no sign of any anomaly on the set. He, however, guaranteed that their witnesses will reveal the truth based on what they saw and heard the night of the incident.

Corinne has said that she is the victim of this "worst nightmare" and promised to reveal the truth so she can move on with her life. The female "Bachelor in Paradise" participant added that she has been receiving therapy to heal the physical and emotional trauma this controversy has caused her.

DeMario, on the other hand, told Inside Edition that the videotape of that night would reveal the truth of what really happened.

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