"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that an important role is about to be recast. As many "DOOL" viewers know, one beloved member of the Salem family recently exited the show, but she likely won't be gone for long, as recast rumors are already swirling.

Soap Hub reports that fans may be getting the character of Ciara Brady back sooner than they thought. Last week, Ciara left Salem in order to get away from the drama in her love life and spent the summer with her brother Shawn and her sister-in-law Belle. Ciara left the soap, but will likely be headed back int he very near future.

Is a new Ciara Brady headed to town?

According to the report, a leaked online video show actress Brianna Chomer auditioning for a role dubbed as "Mia." However, "Mia" seems to be code for Ciara, as the actress seems to be a good fit for the recast of the character that Vivian Jovanni left behind. As many "Days of Our Lives" fans know, Ciara is the daughter of Hope Brady and Bo Brady. Ciara has been going through a tough time as her father was returned to her only to die shortly after from a brain tumor.

Ciara's then step-brother and friend, Chase Jennings, raped her, and her best friend/ex-boyfriend Theo Carver began to date her niece, Claire Brady. Her mother, Hope, also went to prison for the murder of Stefano DiMera, before she was finally released in a dangerous escape plan.

In addition to all of that strife, Ciara finally found a guy she thought could be her perfect match, but it turned out that he was only playing her. It's all just been too much for the college student, and she had to get away. Meanwhile, it looks like a new Ciara may be ushered in in the coming months.

Many 'DOOL' characters have been recast in the past

As many "Days of our Lives" viewers know, recasts are common in the Soap Opera world. The show recently recast the role of Jade and Abigail, and have recast some major roles such as Bo Brady, Jack Deveraux, Chad DiMera, Billie Reed, Will Horton, and others in the past.

Recently, there has been talking that the soap is considering recasting EJ DiMera, who was allegedly murdered back in 2014.

However, the circumstances surrounding his death were mysterious, and fans have since been hoping that EJ would find his way back to Salem.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a Ciara Brady recast? Do you think soaps should recast fan favorite characters, or just write them off the show when the actors want to leave?