"Teen Mom OG" cast member Ryan Edwards rushed a secret wedding to Mackenzie Standifer and left his mom Jen sobbing after she heard him tell his dad he may not tell Bentley about the wedding, according to Radar Online.

Ryan Edwards leaves rehab after 2 weeks

Ryan Edwards' secret marriage to Mackenzie has left a lot of people very confused as to why the reality star felt the need to rush his marriage to Standifer before he checked into rehab. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the news of Ryan's wedding, including why it seemed rushed and why there was so much secrecy surrounding it.

Maci Bookout's back-up plan to protect Bentley

‘The most important people aren’t here!’ his mom sobbed, thinking about how Ryan and Maci Bookout's 8-year-old son Bentley was not present at his dad's wedding, and that he did not even know about it. Some "Teen Mom" fans are really having a hard time believing that Ryan and Mackenzie's wedding was as secret as it was made out to be, considering that there was a film crew on hand taping all the juicy details.

Needless to say, MTV released a film clip of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie tying the knot from the season finale. Ryan gets a little snippy with his mom, telling her that the most important thing is that they love each other.

Some of the speculation surrounding Ryan Edwards' wedding has to do with some fans believing that Standifer may have issued an ultimatum to Ryan demanding that they wed before rehab, or else.

Another theory shared was that MTV may have offered up a huge cash bonus for the added drama. Ryan's rehab lasted about two weeks before he was back home, and sharing on social media.

He wasted no time slamming his ex for talking about his business on "Teen Mom." “I have a dream that one day my psycho baby’s mama will shut the f**k up,” Ryan Edwards posted.

Maci Bookout, however, has remained pretty quiet about Ryan Edwards since his return from rehab. What we do know is that Maci is going to be keeping a very close eye on Ryan when it comes to Bentley. As previously reported, Bookout stated that she hoped things went well for Ryan and that he was taking things seriously, however, Maci has a backup-plan in place as a precaution.

Since finding out that Ryan's drug use was a major problem, Maci made a few phone calls and got everything in order to gain full custody of their eight-year-old son Bentley if the need should arise. What are your thoughts on "Teen Mom OG" cast member Ryan Edwards' recent drug issues? Is Maci doing the right thing?

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