"Dance Moms" star and choreographer, Abby Lee Miller has finally received her final sentence in jail. Miller is finally serving her sentence on June 30 and will spend a year in jail.

According to recent reports, Abby Lee Miller will be going to jail on June 30. A representative of the former "Dance Moms" star confirmed that she will be in prison for one year. Miller still cannot believe that she will finally serve her time next month because of the fraud case filed against her.

'Dance Moms' star serves one year in prison

It can be remembered that the successful world of the "Dance Moms" choreographer, Abby Lee Miller turned upside down after she was convicted of fraud in 2016.

It was discovered by the authorities that Miller tried to hide a total of $775,000.

As of this writing, Miller is still unaware as to where she will serve her time. The controversial dance instructor has already heard a lot of good things about Victorville and Apple Valley prisons. Miller is believed to hoping to serve her time in one of the said prisons.

Reports revealed that Miller is still shocked over the judge's final ruling over her case. Miller admitted that she almost fell on the ground when she learned and heard about the judge's decision. She even revealed that she wanted to pay people back to clear her case.

Chloe Lukasiak talks about Miller's treatment

There is no doubt that Miller helped a lot of dance artists achieve their dreams and be successful in their careers including, chloe lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler.

Both of these dancers came from a very small town and "Dance Moms" helped these two artists become what they have always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, Lukasiak seems to be mad towards Miller because the controversial dance instructor mocked her eye in public. Lukasiak felt bad with how Miller treated her, especially because she was dealing with health issues.

Miller was reportedly unaware of what Lukasiak was going through at that time. It was believed to be the reasons why Lukasiak ended her career in the hit TV show.

Although Miller helped a lot of little dancers to make their dreams come true, some of the aspiring ones were reportedly unhappy with how they treated them. To some of the kids, dealing with Miller was a nightmare.

As of this writing, Abby Lee Miller has still not yet heard from the cast of "Dance Moms" including Chloe Lukasiak. The dance instructor is believed to be upset as she was hoping that they would sympathize with her.