Dance MomsAbby Lee Miller is again making headlines. Just before her impending jail time, it appears that the dance diva is spending most of her time recollecting her glorious days before the camera. This is evident in her recent posts on social media outlets of her throwback pictures with Maddie Ziegler.

Typically Abby

Abby Lee Miller's posts on social media about her "Dance Moms" displeased the fans. The post is not at all offensive it was the captions that sent the fans furious. Typically a signature Abby Miller attitude, the dance teacher claimed that she was the one who introduced Jack Sully to Maddie Ziegler.

The post was followed by more throwback photos of her former dance student. Among them includes a photo of Maddie with her sister Mackenzie and co-stars Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker.

The comments from fans are scorching. One said that the 50-year old is just doing this because she is now becoming irrelevant. Another one bashed her for not moving on while everyone else already had. Others are criticizing her action of posting these photos and tagging her former students. These comments, however, did not stop the dance diva from posting more photos. She posted another one this time that of Maddie and Kendall taken two years ago. The same thing happened, fans bashed her and one even suggested to let go of these girls even though she has been one of the factors of their success.

Maddie and Jack together because of Abby?

Among Abby Lee Miller's posts, the most controversial is the one that was captioned that she was the one who introduced Maddie to Jack. She further remarked that the introduction was the beginning of their relationship. To some fans, they took it as a way of Miller saying she matched the young couple right from the very start.

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For their part, Jack Sully and Maddie Ziegler did not directly oppose the dance mentor’s posts. The couple, however, uploaded on their Instagram account the same photo that was used by the “Dance Moms” teacher. The photo was intended for the young couple’s reunion when Jack arrived from Australia.

It seems that the former "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller is making most of her freedom right now before finally serving the punishment of her crime.

Most likely, the star missed those glorious times she had with the show and with her students. Interestingly, she made an appeal to the court to let her finish some of her guesting before serving her time.