It seems like it was just yesterday that Abby lee Miller couldn't seem to hide her fear and tears after being sentenced to one year and a day in jail after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering. Now, a new report revealed that the “Dance Moms” star may have fully accepted her fate, and is making the most of her free time before heading to prison.

Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to 366 days in jail, and although the 50-year-old dance instructor, choreographer, and director’s initial reaction was sadness, she now appears to be in high spirits.

A new report revealed that the “Dance Moms” resident teacher was partying non-stop before her official jail time.

Maddie Ziegler’s former mentor was spotted having a good time at the last “What Happens at the Abbey” premiere party. Miller attended E!’s new reality show and was seen enjoying herself and mingling with the cast despite the circumstances.

Abby gets ready for prison by partying it up?

“She held nothing back when the topic of her sentencing came up. She told one person, ‘I made a mistake and now it’s time to pay the price,’” an insider told Page Six. “She dished on how she made mistakes with her finances and said she would have done things differently. But she said she was refreshed and ready for her stint in the pen.”

Although it seems like Abby Lee Miller is living it up before being locked up in jail, the “Dance Moms” star has previously tried to hold back her tears and put a brave face on during her first ever interview after the sentencing.

The famously tough teacher was visibly shaken up as the reality finally sank in that she’s officially going to jail.

“I’m just going to pretend that I am shooting a movie, and we’re on set, and I am there for 10 months, and that’s the way it’s gonna be,” Abby Lee Miller shared with Good Morning America.

Abby to finally face jail time soon

Meanwhile, Abby Lee Miller’s enemies in real-life and on the show, Christi Lukasiak, Kelly Hyland, and Minister Dawn, gathered to celebrate the sentence over a glass of champagne. The trio were all smiles as they toasted their number one nemesis’ lowest point to date.

Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland also attended the first day of Miller's sentencing, where they were spotted standing outside the court. Chloe Lukasiak's mom then noted that they were there to support the prosecution, but many believed that their presence was to taunt the dance mentor after emotionally hurting their kids.