"Pretty Little Liars" lasted for seven seasons in Rosewood and it is undeniable that there are lots of awesome episodes to love. However, PPL showrunner I. Marlene King and stars including Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, and Troian Bellisario revealed the moments that stood out in their lives as part of the cast. As for King, she said before the topic even jumps to the next, “Everybody loves the black-and-white episode.”

The favorite episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' cast

Troian Bellisario shared that the Dollhouse episode was a special one.

Benson seconded to the comment saying the impact of "Hunger Games" to the teen world helped a lot for the two-episode storyline. The cast shared the same feeling when they first saw the dollhouse set as if they will definitely do the Jennifer Lawrence-film. As per Entertainment Weekly, it was exciting because the cast hasn't done anything like it before.

Viewers may recall how the cast was locked in one place for two episodes. Moreover, King added that the possible reason why the cast loved it is that "Dollhouse" was one of the series' darkest moments. Bellisario then added that it was a great experience to go to such extent. While they were living the teenage life, "A" is unstoppable to give them the creepiest message of all.

The said episode is no doubt the moment where they have been placed in darkness, withdrawn from the world.

Troian Bellisario on her new film 'Feed'

According to ABC, "Pretty Little Liars" actress Troian Bellisario will return to her painful past in the upcoming film entitled "Feed." The 31-year-old actress also served as the film's writer and will star alongside "Harry Potter" actor Tom Felton.

Meanwhile, the movie is set to debut next month and will center around Bellisario's struggle in eating disorder.

Bellisario explained that the very reason she wrote the movie's screenplay is that no one understood what she has been through, not even the people who love her the most. She aims to show people what the experience is truly like.

"I could not quite get them to understand that it was about control on a very, very literal level," she said in an interview.

On the other hand, Bellisario already finished the screenplay even before joining the Freeform series. Now that the series is in its final installment, she is focusing on bringing "Feed" on screen. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming movie's release date.