Former "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller is headed to prison in just a matter of weeks. Miller was sentenced to one year and one day for fraud stemming from accusations that she was hiding assets during a bankruptcy filing. Abby has been very vocal about her upcoming prison stint and how she plans to cope with her incarceration.

Naturally, Abby is under a much closer microscope as she gets closer to temporarily losing her freedom. That's why it's not surprising that cameras are catching every little misstep, including the most recent law break by the former "Dance Moms" star.

What did Abby Lee do now?

According to TMZ, Abby Lee Miller disrespected the disabled and parked right in the middle of a handicapped parking spot while running errands on Friday. Cameras caught Abby as she parked her Porsche Cayenne across a blue-striped handicapped parking zone.

TMZ also pointed out that Abby Lee's latest crime is nothing compared to the fraud conviction she's getting ready to go to prison over. However, iIf Miller had been caught parking in the off-limits spot, parking in a handicapped spot without a placard can cost you $1,000 in Los Angeles.

It looks like Abby Lee Miller realized her mistake, or maybe she realized that paparazzi film was rolling and it wouldn't look good because she quickly moved her car to a different area.

The problem with that? Abby moved her car from blue to red. As in, she parked in the red zone instead and this time, she didn't move either.

The stigma of getting caught parked in the red zone would earn the "Dance Moms' alum less ire than taking over a handicapped spot. Maybe that was her reasoning for moving from one restricted spot to another.

Who knows! It looks like all Abby will get for her parking woes is a bit of bad press. She didn't get ticketed for parking in the wrong spot this time around.

Abby Lee says goodbye

As Abby Lee Miller ties up loose ends and gets ready to head to prison, she has been speaking out about her days on "Dance Moms." In an upcoming episode, which will be Abby's last, People reports that the alum has been talking about what she regrets.

Turns out that it's everything. Abby breaks down in the upcoming episode and declares that she regrets everything that she did. Maybe her looming prison sentence is starting to really sink in. Previously she said that she planned to treat the prison stay like she was filming a movie.

In the tearful episode, Abby Lee Miller talks about the impact that she had on so many lives. “I created livelihoods for so many children,” Abby says. “It was all going to end someday.”