Abby Lee Miller will soon become a prisoner following the judge’s promulgation of her sentence for her fraud cases. Her prison sentence will commence on June 23 at The Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin, California and she will be released after one year. But she will not be totally free after her Prison Term because she will be on probation for two years. Aside from her sentence, she was required by the court to pay a fine of $54,000.

Abby Lee Miller will still work inside prison

However, the ever creative former Dance Moms instructor will not be put off by her sentence because she has already laid down her plans the moment she gets out of her prison cell.

The 50-year-old convict hopes to be able to write a tell-all book of her stint inside the prison. She revealed that she has a scripted series in the works. It will be a teenage show that will continue where “Dance Moms” left off.

It can be recalled that Miller resigned from her job with the Lifetime show because of a conflict with the show runner. Her dramatic exit has exposed all that she experienced on the show. She claimed that the network did not give her credits for her contributions to the show. Contracts outside the network were also not allowed. She claims that despite the show's right to "Dance Moms," they do not know what to do with the show.

'Dance Moms' former coach allowed to travel for paid appearances

Miller added that a Broadway show, “Dance Moms: The Musical” will be her next project post-prison. However, it will not be an easy task because Lifetime still owns the right to the reality show. Her impending prison term has not thwarted her from earning money.

In fact, she was allowed by the court to travel to L.A. and to New York City for paid TV live appearances. But she was allowed to travel for a limited time only as agreed before her case promulgation.

Abby Lee Miller’s case stemmed from her undeclared earnings from her show after she filed for bankruptcy. Aside from the bankruptcy fraud, she was also convicted in 2015 of smuggling money without proper disclosure amounting to $775,000.

She filed for bankruptcy in December 2010 because of her tax liabilities amounting to $400,000.

The “Dance Moms” former instructor said that she had committed a crime against the law but she said that she is not a hardened criminal. After she left the show, “Dancing with the Stars” alumna Cheryl Burke took over the show. At present, the show goes on sans Abby Lee Miller. One year after, a bolder and fiercer Miller will surface as she works on different projects despite her sentence.