Cheryl Burke was chosen to replace Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms after she gave up her mentoring stint on the show. The former coach who was known for being stiff, harsh, and loud in dealing with her students had a conflict with the show producer that caused her to resign. Burke who is a professional dancer competing on “Dancing with the Stars” commented on the way Miller mentors her students. She said that she does not yell nor scream because it is not her way of teaching as reported by People. Her way is more loving and caring.

Abby Lee Miller used to traumatize her students

Miller used to exercise shaming her students especially on tense rehearsals for an upcoming competition. She was also vocal on comments about her students that caused lots of friction and drama on the show. Her former students like Maddie Ziegler and her sister McKenzie, Chloe Lukasiak and even some of the moms on the show harboured ill feelings towards her that caused them to drop the show.

Recently, the 50-year-old convict has posted throwback photos of her former students reminiscing the days when the show was under her command. The latest post she had was a birthday greeting for McKenzie Ziegler according to Christian Post.

Miller is due to enter prison on June 30 to start her sentence that will last for one year and one day.

After which, she will be required to report regularly to a probation officer for two years. These form part of her penalty for fraud and violation of bankruptcy laws. She did not disclose her earnings of more than $700,000 from “Dance Moms” after she filed for bankruptcy.

The mentor who favored her star dances Maddie Ziegler, despite her strong character, was seen crying when her sentence was pronounced.

Before her sentence, she revealed that she was afraid of her impending imprisonment. She announced that despite her prison term, she will continue planning for her shows after her imprisonment.

Miller still has plans for the show post prison

The ALDC coach will still do shows abroad prior to her incarceration as approved by the court.

Despite her exit from the show, she still connects to the popularity of the show. The rights to “Dance Moms” are owned by Lifetime but she will go on producing shows that follow from where she left off. Miller claimed credits for her contributions to the show which was deprived from her.

All eyes are on Abby Lee Miller even before her actual imprisonment. Cheryl Burke is not a fan of her teaching strategies but the effectiveness of her mentoring will soon be revealed. Miller said the Burke is very much equipped to be her replacement on “Dance Moms.”