Despite the fact that Twilight already concluded a long time ago, fans are still hopeful that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be working on a film once again. With that, reports told that the two are confirmed joining another sequel of Stephenie Meyer’s masterpiece. While Stewart has been hesitant to do the movie, sources confirmed that FKA Twig’s fiancée is reportedly convincing his ex-girlfriend to work with him and eventually save his deteriorating career.

Robert Pattinson all set for “Twilight” sequel

According to reports, the relationship of Pattinson and FKA Twigs are experiencing difficult times after the actor expressed his desire of making another “Twilight” film with Kristen Stewart.

Sources told that the actor is open with the fact that he could reprise the role of Edward Cullen once again. Other than that, it was even reported that the actor has no inhibitions in working with his ex-girlfriend once again.

It was told that Robert has been very desperate to save his career and let it go back the way it used to be. Sources told that the actor gets less projects and product endorsements ever since he started breaking up with Stewart. It was even told that “Water for Elephants” star regrets choosing FKA Twigs over his former partner, which is why the Pattinson is very desperate to bring back their onscreen chemistry once again.

FKA Twigs in meeting Kristen Stewart

Other than that, reports claiming that FKA Twigs met Kristen Stewart at the MET GALA made everything more awkward and uncomfortable.

It was told that the Hollywood singer hugged the actress and run in the red carpet immediately. As one insider told, Twigs is not happy with the fact that Pattinson and Stewart could work soon in a Twilight sequel.

Despite of all this, no detailed information regarding the movie were officially released yet. With that, experts suggest that viewers should lower their expectations regarding the possibility of another “Twilight” film.

Pattinson almost fired on “Twilight”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Robert Pattinson, the actor admitted that he almost fired out from Twilight after acting out. However, the conflict was easily resolved when the agents try to reconcile things and fix some issues. The actor admitted that he had been very serious with his craft to the point that he almost argued every person in the set, which is why he was about to be kicked out in the film.