Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" want to know the real reason Deacon Sharpe returned to town. He admitted to using Quinn for target practice but said he was not really trying to kill her. He claims he fell on hard times and began drinking again, He said he reached out to Quinn for help but she did not respond. His reason for shooting at her was because he was angry. Viewers know there is more to this story and desire to find out what it is.

The possibilities of why Deacon is back

If Deacon was shooting at Quinn only because she would not give him money then he is a very stupid man.

All he received was being arrested and taken to jail. Should he be released there will probably be a restraining order against him as there is for Sheila. If Deacon can have no contact with Quinn there is no one else he ca turn to so he will still be down on his luck. Hope is out of town and Brooke is married to Bill. Deacon has no one in his corner.

One reason he may have come back to town is blackmail. Deacon may have a secret about Quinn that she might pay him not to reveal. He has already told Ridge and Eric that Quinn threw him over a ledge and left him for dead so that won't work. The fact that Quinn held Liam captive is old news so there must be something else. Deacon may have returned to tell Quinn that their divorce is not final.

Perhaps that is why he kept calling her. He may have believed Quinn would pay him to sign divorce papers. If Quinn and Deacon are still legally married then Quinn's marriage to Eric is not legit.Viewers know that "The Bold and the Beautiful" brought Deacon and Sheila Carter back for a reason. And eventually, the purpose for those two returning to LA will be revealed.

The timing of their showing up simultaneously cannot simply be a mere coincidence. Spoiler alerts have not yet indicated where this story line is going.

No good can come from Deacon in town

Deacon is trouble on his best day. When he is released from jail Deacon will have no money and nowhere to live. There has to be someone in town who he can reach out to or else there is no purpose for him to stay.

The Bold and the Beautiful." is setting viewers up for a summer that will be filled with questions and hopefully also answers. Deacon Sharpe is going to cause mischief and mayhem for everyone he comes in contact with. He seems to have that self-destructive gene and is unable to help himself. Fans of the show will not be bored when he is on screen. Nothing good will come from Deacon being in town.